Watch: Ryan Reynolds Doesn’t Know Anything In Trailer For His New Snapchat Show

Ryan reynolds

How does Ryan Reynolds manage to be everywhere at once? Does the Deadpool and Green Lantern star really have superpowers? That’s the only explanation for how he can have an enormous amount of projects on the go right now. And this new trailer for the Canadian actor’s upcoming TV series for Snapchat may confirm the shocking truth about him, as it sees the A-lister showing off an array of comic book abilities.

Titled Ryan Doesn’t Know, the 12-part series will follow Reynolds as he attempts to learn some wild new skills, while he’s mentored by an array of talented artists, creators and experts from various different fields. He’ll try his hand at ice sculpting with Shintaro Okamoto, magic up some visual trickery with VFX whizz Trevor Bell, make latte art with Melannie Aquino, attempt Ulisses’ World’s world-class program lifting, learn floral sculpting from Aurea Molaei and even have a go at axe throwing with Cliffton Creque.

The Snap Original series premieres exclusively on Snapchat – specifically, the app’s Discovery area – and you can catch it/subscribe to it via this link. The first episode will launch on Saturday, January 30th with new outings dropping every other day until February 21st.

“Hi, I’m Ryan Reynolds,” the star tells us in the promo above. “And you could fill a gymnasium with things I don’t know. So, in the hopes of becoming a less boring husband and father, I’m meeting up with talented new artists to learn a little about a lot of new things.” The trailer goes on to parody some of Reynolds’ fellow Marvel and DC heroes, as the actor is shown blasting a coffee cup with heat vision, thwipping out some webbing and wielding a very Thor-like hammer.

As well as running his Aviation Gin company and buying a British soccer team, Ryan Reynolds also has a packed slate of new movies on the way – Free Guy, The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife and Red Notice are all arriving in 2021 while he recently wrapped work on The Adam Project. Of course, Deadpool 3 is also in development, and it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a whole lot of the actor on our screens over the coming months.