Sophie Turner brutally roasts husband Joe Jonas for wearing purity ring

If you’re looking to add a little laughter to your week, Netflix has a treat for you. The Jonas Brothers Family Roast is now streaming on the platform, and fans can’t get enough. The Jonas Brothers—Nick, Joe, and Kevin—were the guests of honor and hilarity as those closest to them spent an evening roasting the trio.

Roasts are some of the most hilarious events to watch on television. From the roasts of Justin Bieber and Larry the Cable Guy to Charlie Sheen and Flavor Flav, it’s comedic gold when the roasters take turns on stage grilling some of our favorite celebrities.

Of course, when the Jonas brothers were roasted, their loved ones jumped at the opportunity to take part, and Sophie Turner was ready to pick on her sweet husband and the purity rings the Jonas’ wore as they grew up. She mentioned that it was about faith and integrity and that it was more than just staying pure and sticking to their ideals.

Specifically, it was more than sticking his finger in a metal ring for Joe. He enjoyed sticking his—you know what, we’ll let Turner tell you for herself.

Fans thought the roast was hilarious and found this specific sketch quite spot on. The purity rings were a big part of the conversation regarding the Jonas brothers as they grew up in the spotlight. It wouldn’t have been a proper roast without them being mentioned.

Have you watched the roast of the Jonas Brothers yet? What was your favorite part? Let’s talk about it.