Watch: ‘The Boys’ promo video teases Season 3 and upcoming spinoff


At long last, Season 3 of The Boys was given a premiere date when Prime Video dropped an announcement teaser confirming the first three episodes would arrive on June 3, with the remaining five rolling out on a weekly basis up until July 8.

The most recent finale aired in October 2020, so fans will have been waiting an awfully long time before they get reintroduced to Billy Butcher and the gang for another set of irreverent superhero shenanigans. Having become the first comic book adaptation to land a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, The Boys is officially prestige television, as well as arguably Amazon’s most popular original series, meaning expectations are higher than ever.

Every month, the in-canon Seven on 7 webseries has dropped on the seventh, and the latest installment has potentially laid some of the groundwork for the college-set spinoff that’s in development. Host Cameron Coleman mentions Godolkin University, with supe Golden Boy named as a potential top draft pick to join the Seven.

That’s the first nugget of information we’ve had about the offshoot, but with Season 3 officially heading our way this summer and an animated anthology also in the works, there’s plenty more to come from The Boys as it continues to establish itself as one of Amazon’s marquee properties.

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