Watch: The end is nigh in ‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6 trailer


Before the pandemic came along, creator Steven Knight had always been open about Peaky Blinders running for seven seasons, with the last shot of the final episode set to signal the arrival of World War II on the doorstep of the Shelby clan.

While that’s probably still going to be the case, fans were left in shock and dismay after it was revealed the upcoming sixth run of the smash hit series would serve as the ending, although Knight has confirmed he’s planning to shoot a feature film tying up the story in 2023.


We haven’t seen anything new from Peaky Blinders since the conclusion of Season 5 first aired on the BBC way back in September 2019, but we can at least feast our eyes on the first full-length teaser trailer for the next installment, even though it still hasn’t gone as far as confirming a premiere date.

Tommy Shelby has his hands full once again trying to maintain a grip on both his empire and sanity, with Tom Hardy and Anya Taylor-Joy just two of the big names returning to lend support as Peaky Blinders gears up for what’s sure to be an epic, intricate and hopefully satisfying conclusion.