WB Reportedly Wants The Teen Titans In The Batman Universe


One of the reasons The Batman is taking the Dark Knight back to basics is so that this universe can keep growing and growing, with familiar characters from the Bat-mythos being introduced over time. For instance, though Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader will start out as a solo act, we’re pretty confident he’ll be joined by Robin before long. The Boy Wonder will then likely have his own hero’s journey across the franchise, too.

Including leading his own team of young heroes. According to what we’re hearing from our trusted sources – the same ones who told us about a Black Superman being introduced before that was official – Warner Bros. wants the Teen Titans to be a part of The Batman universe. As per our intel, the studio wants director Matt Reeves to insert the super-group into the franchise somewhere. It’s unclear if this is something Reeves is also interested in, however, or just something WB is pushing for.

The Teen Titans are probably the second most recognizable DC team behind the Justice League, so it makes sense that WB would be keen to bring them into the DCEU. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies! marked their cinematic debut, albeit in an animated comedy, while a darker version of the adolescent heroes appear in the popular Titans TV show. So it’s no surprise that the likes of Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy could be about to mark their mark on the live-action movie world.

The Batman looks to be pretty standalone, but the thinking is that sequels will bring in outer DC characters, new versions from Battinson’s Earth, like Superman. So adding in the next generation of heroes would be the next logical step after first tackling the major JL members. It’s too early to say what kind of lineup the teen team could sport, but from what we’ve been told, the Teen Titans are on their way.