The Batman Universe Reportedly Getting Its Own Superman


Fans have to face it. As things stand, the DCEU is leaving the SnyderVerse behind and moving forward with new versions of Snyder’s heroes. In some instances, multiple new versions. Case in point: J.J. Abrams is producing a Superman reboot, which will star a black Clark Kent, but it’s also looking like The Batman universe will introduce its own take on the Man of Steel for Robert Pattinson to team up with.

This is something we’ve heard before now, and it’s again being claimed in a recent report from Giant Freakin Robot. The outlet writes that their sources point to Warner Bros. looking to introduce a new Superman in The Batman franchise. That’s not the most shocking news ever, either. After all, set pics have revealed extras wearing Supes, Wonder Woman and Flash costumes during a costume party scene, confirming that the other Justice Leaguers exist in this reality. Which has officially been designated Earth-2.

As for how Earth-2’s Bats will come into contact with Earth-2’s Supes, GFR is unsure, but they make the logical assumption that this time the World’s Finest heroes won’t come to blows like in Batman v Superman and will join forces much more quickly. This Kal-El is expected to debut in one of the sequels and that does add up with the way The Batman will detail Bruce’s first meetings with various important characters – like Catwoman, Penguin and Riddler. So, the follow-ups will no doubt do the same with, say, Robin, Batgirl and, apparently, Supes. Oh, and the Joker, too.

There’s no word yet on who could play this Man of Steel, but Smallville‘s Tom Welling has thrown his hat into the ring, given that he’s good buddies with Pattinson. Despite the multiverse opening up, though, an original actor will more than likely be found. And given Reeves’ unexpected yet inspired casting so far, it’ll no doubt be someone completely out of left field.

The Batman is currently on course to hit theaters on March 4th, 2022.