‘Wednesday’ star comes clean on the season finale’s big cliffhanger mystery

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday'
Image via Netflix

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Wednesday.

The world of television series has been seeing a positive resurgence of late. One of the recent surprise streaming hits has been the Addams Family spinoff Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega. The show has captured a lot of hearts and imaginations, not only stoking interest in its source material but also leaving fans wanting more.

Spoilers for Wednesday are imminent so stop reading if you haven’t seen the ending yet.

Case in point: the show has a pretty big cliffhanger and a number of loose ends to wrap up. Tim Burton has done his best to keep them a secret and apparently, his efforts include hiding them from even the core cast of the series. The best example of this is the fact that even Ortega herself doesn’t know who sent her the mysterious threatening texts after her fight with Tyler and Crackstone towards the end of the series.

The texts, which arrive on a phone given to her by Xavier, contain messages as well as pictures of her from a mysterious stalker threatening Wednesday. One would think that at least the series star would be aware of the identity of her latest enemy but as per Digital Spy‘s recent conversation with Ortega, it is evident she’s as much in the dark as we are.

“Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve gotten that question a couple of times now and I’m so confused. I always assumed that it was either Miss Thornhill or Tyler or… I don’t know.”

The truth is it could be practically anyone. “Maybe there’s another member of the Gates family that’s still alive. Or maybe it has no correlation whatsoever. I’m not sure. But I didn’t even question it on the set. I just did it. So I’m curious to know,” she added.

Whoever it is, we’re going to wait until next season to find out. That is if there is a next season as Netflix is yet to announce if it’s planning to add the comedy-supernatural shows to its elite roster of shows that manage to get a second chance.

Wednesday is streaming on Netflix.