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‘Werewolf by Night’ director reveals one monster was more real than you might’ve thought

The director spills spooky secrets.

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Image via Marvel Studios

Werewolf by Night proved to be a winning welcome to a whole new avenue of the MCU. On top of being the first Marvel Studios Special Presentation — basically an hour-long TV special — the Disney Plus production also served as an introduction into the horror side of the Marvel universe. And fans and critics alike have been howling with joy over it. Just check out its record-breaking Rotten Tomatoes score.

Something that folks really love about WbN is its commitment to an old-school horror feel, which included lots of practical effects. For example, the titular lycanthrope, as played by Gael Garcia Bernal, was realized with make-up and prosthetics. Obviously, things were a bit different when it came to Jack Russell’s pal Ted aka Man-Thing, as the swamp monster was a mostly CG-creation.

And yet, it turns out Man-Thing was more real than we might’ve expected. Director Michael Giacchino shared a touching ode to the previously overlooked character on Twitter, posting a snap of himself with a meticulous prop of the creature which confirms there was a practical element to Man-Thing’s presence in the special.

Giacchino’s obvious love for Man-Thing, as evidenced by his admission that he never thought he’d get the opportunity to bring the character to life, reminds us why he was the perfect person to helm Werewolf by Night, despite this being the acclaimed composer’s first time as a filmmaker. His debut was so strong, in fact, that the Marvel fandom seems to have collectively decided he deserves to be hired as the new director of Blade. And we all know that movie needs to get back on track right now.

With any luck, we’ll be seeing more of Jack and Ted’s excellent adventures as the horror corner of the MCU expands.

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