Watch: Westworld Season 3 Trailer Teases An Epic Showdown


The premiere of the hugely anticipated third season of Westworld is less than a month away, and now fans have been given an intriguing update as to what’s to come in the next chapter. As seen above, a new trailer for the hit HBO series unveils that Maeve will be going after an old acquaintance.

This latest look at the new installment of Westworld wastes no time in shocking its audience. The opening moments show Maeve being recruited to hunt down and kill Dolores. The two are undoubtedly among the most powerful of hosts the park has ever seen, and both have proven to be extremely formidable. Maeve and Dolores are fan favorites of the series as well, and seeing these two worlds collide will be a huge selling point for the next chapter.

This tantalizing teaser reveals much about the storyline for season 3, too, and from what we’ve witnessed in the promos, it looks to be an action-packed thrill ride. Dolores is out of the futuristic theme park and ready to take on the entire world. But she’s not alone, as Aaron Paul’s mysterious character seems to be the newest addition to her crew. Throughout the video, she paints a pretty convincing picture for him to help her robot uprising succeed.

The Man in Black is back, too, and he’s apparently found his true calling. Instead of being a villain in the old west, it appears William was meant to save the world. Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte Hale is also returning – well, the new host version of her is back with someone inside her head – and rounding out the most prominent familiar faces is Bernard, who’s seen looking at the aftermath of some signature Westworld chaos.

We knew way back since the first glimpse of the third chapter that season 3 would be introducing a new mystery while inviting audiences to a brave new world. Though it doesn’t look like that brave new world will be around for too much longer if the rogue Delos creations have anything to say about it. Whatever Westworld has in store for fans, they’ll definitely want to make sure their HBO subscription is paid in full so that they don’t miss a second of the action when it returns on March 15th.