What books does ‘The Witcher’ season 2 cover?

The Witcher

As the hype of season 2 begins to settle before beginning anew for the third season of Henry Cavill’s The Witcher, fans have wondered which books helped span the 8-episode second season. The book series of the same name has eight books in total – nine if one was to count the short stories. While the television show hasn’t been completely true to the series, it has been close and Cavill promises a more faithful third season for fans, so they can remain assured that the series will keep close to Andrej Sapkowski original works.

The second season covers the A Grain of Truth story from the first novel Last Wish, before moving to the second novel Blood of Elves, and the very beginning of the third novel Time of Contempt. The last of which chronicles the events of Ciri being prophesied as the child to bring about the end of the world and the start of the New Age.

A third season of The Witcher has already been greenlit, along with an animated origin story and a prequel mini-series starring Michelle Yeoh. It is presently unclear which books the third season will follow but similar to the second season the third may pick up right where the previous season ended, with the events of Time of Contempt leading its story before moving on to the remaining saga; Baptism of Fire, The Tower of the Swallow, and The Lady of the Lake.

With a total of eight novels, the fantasy series has plenty of material to work with, and due to its popularity, the series is a sure bet to be renewed beyond the third season.

The Witcher is streaming on Netlflix now, and The Witcher: Blood Origin streams on Netflix in 2022