What Is Guy Fieri’s Net Worth?

Guy Fieri
Image via Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri, oh, Guy Fieri. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. With 33 seasons of Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, you might start to wonder how much money this flame-shirt wearing, frosted-tipped having enigma is worth? Not just that, the Ohio born food rock and roller has three more television programs, six cookbooks, and co-owns numerous restaurants. So I’m here to tell you.

Guy Fieri’s net worth

It’s somewhere in the ballpark of $40 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth, with a lot more on the way. That makes Guy not just the highest-earning chef on television, but a high-earning celebrity in general. Yet, the man is so much more. 

For starters, he has an entire dictionary of slang associated with his lifestyle. If you’d like to talk like the man himself, take a look at this convenient cheat sheet. Not to mention he’s got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is friends with Matthew McConaughey, which is infinitely perplexing. McConaughey has even made multiple appearances on Fieri’s shows, and the King of Flavortown’s affection for the Italian foodie seems incredibly genuine. Here they are taking a stab at Tex-Mex casserole.

Love him or hate him, Fieri has transcended his Food Network fame and become something else entirely: an icon, a meme, a way of life. And people do hate him, they really, really hate him, and some of it’s warranted. I mean look at the dude.

He’s in on the joke though, and that’s what makes his bombastic persona so intriguing. As the ambassador for all things food he has an incredible internet following. His Instagram has 1.8 million followers, with more pouring in. Self-deprecating memes appear almost daily, and the best part is they’re hilarious. Not to mention YouTube is full of clips and meme videos dedicated to the Food Network star. If you’re going to be polarizing, why not have fun with it? 

And fun he has, especially with his latest Food Network deal on the way. Apart from the $40 million he’s accrued over the years, this April he signed a three-year, $80 million dollar contract. You read that right, $80 million dollars. In his own words: “Shut the front door.” That’s sure to keep the lights on in Flavortown long after Fieri has hung up the apron. 

Even if he does leave show business, Fieri will have his hands full maintaining the numerous charities and philanthropies he has going on. That is where his projected $120 million dollar fortune will be stationed. The man is notoriously nice, and yet the hate keeps pouring in. Comedian Shane Torres does a great job of defending the Mayor of Flavortown on Conan, and he makes some valid points.

I think with that in mind we all should cut Guy Fieri a bit of slack, and perhaps take a play from his own rulebook and live by The Laws of Flavortown. If donning frosted tips and bowling shirts is the worst that can happen, I’ll take my chances.