Who does Adeline Rudolph play in ‘Riverdale?’

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Adeline Rudolph made her debut in the Netflix series, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where she played the role of Agatha. Since then, she has appeared in a handful other shows and will be starring in the upcoming Mortal Kombat 2 film, with The BoysKarl Urban and Sabrina co-star, Tati Gabrielle.

One of the shows that Rudolph also starred in is The CW’s Riverdale series. But who does she play in the dark teen series? Is she a character seen in the comics, or does she reprise her Sabrina role considering that Riverdale had a crossover event with the Netflix series? And will she appear in the show’s final season?

Who does Adeline Rudolph play in Riverdale?

Rudolph doesn’t have a huge role in Riverdale – as of right now, she has appeared in five episodes of season five back in 2021. Her character in the show is Minerva Marble, who’s described as a persuasive art appraiser. Her character first appeared in season 5, episode titled ‘Back to School.’ It is important to note that Minerva isn’t a character in the Archie Comics, and was created specifically for the show.

In the show, Minerva was really close to Cheryl Blossom to the point where the two shared a kiss and had a short-lived romance. Minerva’s final appearance was in season five episode 14 episode “The Night Gallery.” Minerva fled to Thornhill after she learned that she may be sacrificed. Before the two parted ways, Cheryl showed Minerva her paintings of her friends, the last one being a portrait of Minerva herself.

Minerva hasn’t appeared in season seven, and it’s unlikely that she will since the seventh season took the main characters back in time to when they were teenagers. So it would be very unlikely for Cheryl to cross paths with her former lover once again, especially when she has her eyes on Archie.

If you want to revisit Rudolph’s time in Riverdale, season five is now available to stream on Netflix.

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