Who Is Howard Stern’s Wife?

Radio personality Howard Stern has always found a way to get under people’s skin. As the self-proclaimed King of All Media, Stern has ruled the airwaves with his iconic long-running radio talk show, The Howard Stern Show, for almost two decades, earning himself plenty of notoriety for his often offensive and crude commentary in the process. Dubbed one of the most iconic personalities in radio, Stern can usually give off the vibe that he is universally viewed a certain way by all women. However, if you were to ask his wife, you may get a different story.

You read that correctly. Despite being cheeky with his behavior towards women, Stern does actually have a wife. And though he may be the more famous of the two, his wife has managed to make a name for herself as well.

Who is Howard Stern’s wife?

Born July 15, 1972 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Beth Ostrosky attended the University of Pittsburgh for three years before relocating to New York City to fully pursue a career as a model.

According to Distractify, Ostrosky also pursued acting, landing roles in films such as Flirting With Disaster and Whipped, while also appearing in shows like Filter and Casino Cinema. During her time as a model, Ostrosky was also featured on FHM‘s yearly list of 100 Sexiest Women of the year on several occasions. She managed to make the list an impressive four times, in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2007. 

At the age of 49, Ostrosky is younger than the 66-year-old Sterns by 18 years. According to The Things, the two met at a party hosted by mutual friends in 2001, about the same time that Stern was in the middle of separating from his first wife, Alison Berns.

Stern and Ostrosky began dating later that year. After the experience of his first divorce, Stern was hesitant to get remarried and instead chose to date Ostrosky for about five years. Around Valentine’s Day in 2006, Stern proposed to her and the couple got married a year later in 2007.

Howard and Beth

Fourteen years later, the couple is still together and very much in love. In 2019, when the two were featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Stern surprised his wife with an impromptu proposal and asked her to renew their vows. Apparently he had been trying to get her to do so for months, but she had continuously turned him down. During his proposal on Kimmel, he had anticipated that nothing had changed and wasn’t expecting her to actually say yes.

“By the way, she was supposed to say no in my mind,” Stern had joked on The Howard Stern Show when asked about the incident later. “When we were on vacation in Tennessee, she said no to me at the table.”

A week after the proposal, Stern and Ostrosky got remarried in a ceremony on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which was officiated by former Bachelor star Colton Underwood. We’re still not sure if it was legally binding, but for now, it seems that it has been recognized as an actual event by DeGeneres and her studio audience. Even if it wasn’t binding, Stern seems eager to conduct the ceremony as many times as necessary.

“I really do love this woman so much. She really has my back, it’s a great marriage, I’m happy,” Stern said during the ceremony on Ellen. “I want to re-marry my wife. I’ll do it every day.”

Currently, the couple does not seem to have any future plans to have children together. Instead, Ostrosky is stepmother to Stern’s three daughters, Emily (born in 1983), Deborah (1986), and Ashley (1993) from his previous marriage. They also have numerous pets and run a foster home for cats in need of new homes.

Outside of her animal activism work, Ostrosky is also well-known for her steamy bikini posts on Instagram. As a former model, she has flaunted her fit physique on several occasions, usually gaining thousands of likes in the process. To be almost 50 and still be able to turn heads, Ostrosky is definitely a good reason why Stern is looking to stay married.