Who is Howard Stern’s wife?

Beth Ostrosky Howard Stern
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Howard Stern has been a mainstay in the world of radio since the ’80s, redefining what it means to be a radio host.

He carved out a place for himself in history thanks to his work on The Howard Stern Show, his nationally syndicated radio program. The show has been on the air since 1986 and still draws huge numbers of listeners to this day. 

Stern’s work in radio has yielded him huge acclaim, a massive income, and nationwide recognition. It also provided him with an opportunity to dip his toes into film and writing, working on several movies and penning three separate books. He’s also had a thoroughly successful love life, with two marriages and several prominent flings in the books. The 68-year-old met his first wife, Alison Berns, while attending Boston University and married her a few years later in 1978.

The couple remained married for several decades. They share three children between them, all daughters, who they raised as a pair before splitting in 1999 and divorcing in 2001. Stern dated on and off in the following years, frequenting models and actresses, but ultimately found a permanent partner in Beth Ostrosky, his current wife. 

Howard Stern’s wife

Beth Ostrosky
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Formerly known as Beth Ostrosky, Beth Stern married her husband in 2008. The duo dated for a full seven years before Stern proposed in 2007, locking down the model and actress for good.

Beth is a full 18 years Stern’s junior, but the age gap doesn’t seem to have any negative effects on their relationship. The two speak highly of their marriage, saying that they share “the greatest life” in an April 2013 Access Hollywood interview.

Beth appeared on television and in film in the years before she and Stern tied the knot. She also found work as a model, appearing on the cover of several magazines. In the years since she and Stern married, she has focused much of her time on writing and animal advocacy. She’s written several books, all of them animal-themed, and continues to foster huge numbers of animals in her range of spacious homes. 

The couple doesn’t share any children between them and are unlikely to expand their family any further. Beth will ring in her 50th birthday this July and has said that she and Stern are “really fine without children.”