Who was the first Witcher?

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Whether it’s from the Netflix TV show, the popular game series, or the original books, The Witcher franchise has become one of the most beloved fantasy series around today.

In this unique world of magic and monsters, there’s one class of warriors that gets the spotlight, and that is the Witchers. Witchers are warriors who have undergone mutation, extensive training (both mental and physical), and more in preparation for the profession of monster hunting.

These people tend to stick with each other, with many residing in their castle homes. The most well-known Witcher is Geralt of Rivia, who is the focal character of the franchise, however, there is one question fans have had about another character. Who was the first person to become a Witcher? This question isn’t so simple, but here’s everything we know.

Who Was the First Witcher?

Sadly, there is no specific person documented as the very first Witcher in the books, nor the games, however, we do get some info on who is responsible for them coming to life.

In the book Season of Storms, Orolan — a mage in charge of the experimentation at Rissberg Castle, claims the person who invented the Witcher mutation process was Cosimo Malaspina and his apprentice Alzur.

Malaspina was a master of hybridizing mutation and genetic modification, but there are no details revealed on how he was able to create the very first Witcher or who they were.

However, while we don’t have an original Witcher, there are plenty of iconic Witcher characters in the series. The oldest of the main cast is Vesemir who has been around Kaer Morhen the longest and trained many of the other Witchers on the show.

Some of Vesemir’s pupils include Geralt, Eskel, and Lambert, but there are plenty more. If you’re looking for a Witcher within the modern timeframe of the series that has the most knowledge, there’s none that can compete with the wisdom of Vesemir.

Perhaps in the future, we’ll get more information into the first Witcher’s identity, but for now, the mystery continues.

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