Who Were The Original Power Rangers?

Power Rangers

Over the past two decades there has been plenty of different interpretations of the Power Rangers. But for ‘90s kids, there is only one true roster: the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

First airing in 1993, this series was the very first time that Power Rangers had received the video treatment for western audiences, and for kids of the time, it delivered. Power Rangers is an adaption of the Japanese series Super Sentai and become a huge hit around the world.

The series spawned a massively successful toy line, plenty of spin-off series, and attempts at bringing the characters to the big screen. If you’ve checked out the latest Power Rangers Dino Fury series you’ll notice a lot has changed and you may be wondering,who were the original cast of Power Rangers?.

Who were the Original Power Rangers?

Red Ranger

The Red Ranger was the leader of the group and wielded the mighty Power Sword. Alongside this weapon, the Red Ranger also had the ability to pilot both the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and the Red Dragon Thunderzord. The role of Jason Lee Scott, the Red Ranger was portrayed by actor Austin St. John.

Pink Ranger

The very first Pink Ranger was portrayed by actress Amy Jo Johnson. The Ranger wielded her Power Bow and could piolet the Pterodactyl Dinozoid, Firebird Thunderzord, and Crane Ninjazord.

Yellow Ranger

Wielding her signature weapon the Power Daggers, the Yellow Ranger was portrayed by actor Thuy Trang. The Yellow Ranger also boasted a pair of pilotable vehicles, the Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord and the Griffin Thunerzord.

Black Ranger

The Black Ranger was portrayed by Walter Emanuel Jones and his weapon of choice was the Power Axe. The Black Ranger could pilot the Mastodon Dinozord and the Lion Thunderzord.

Blue Ranger

Of all the original members of the Power Rangers, David Yost’s portrayal of the Blue Ranger was the longest-lasting. The Blue ranger wields the Power Lance and can pilot the Triceratops Dinozoid and the Unicorn Thunderzord.

Green Ranger

The final ranger as part of the original team was the Green Ranger who later would become the White Ranger. Played by Jason David Frank, the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, would become the second leader of the team after the departure of the Red Ranger. The Green Ranger’s weapons included his signature Dragon Dagger, but once he takes on the role of the White Ranger he gains a new weapon, the Saba Sword. There are four different pilotable vehicles for Tommy Oliver in the show, the Dragonzord, White Tigerzord, the Falcon Ninjazord, and the White Shogunzord which he uses when teaming up with the second Pink Ranger, Katherine Hillard.