Whoopi Goldberg Wants To Return For Patrick Stewart’s New Star Trek Show


Very soon, Patrick Stewart will be returning to the world of Star Trek to reprise his iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard in his own TV series that promises to resurrect The Next Generation captain in a fresh, thrilling way. As of yet, however, no other stars from the beloved late 80s/90s sci-fi show are due to make a comeback, though one of TNG‘s most famous regulars wants in on a piece of the action.

Whoopi Goldberg was a recurring presence on the series as mysterious, wise bartender Guinan – think a Trek version of Star Wars‘ Maz Kanata – showing up across 28 episodes as well as a couple of uncredited roles in the Generations and Nemesis movies, with the latter also marking the last time Stewart appeared in the franchise. Speaking with David Tennant on the Doctor Who star’s new podcast, Goldberg admitted that she wouldn’t mind a return as Guinan, but the folks at CBS All Access haven’t asked her yet.

“You need to ask them again, ” Tennant said, in response to Goldberg’s revelation. “They would probably think you are kidding.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Goldberg replied. “Maybe. I will. I’ll put it out there.”

“Well, this could be it,” Tennant added. “We are putting it out there.”

“All right,” Goldberg agreed. “We are putting it out there right now.”

Goldberg’s not alone in wanting to work with Stewart again on the new Picard series, of course. A number of fellow TNG stars have made it clear that they’d want to return, too, but – like Goldberg – they have, to date, not been asked back. Only Jonathan Frakes has suggested that he might have something to do with the show, though that could be in a directorial capacity (Frakes has also helmed episodes of Star Trek: Discovery) rather than a hint that he’s playing Riker again.

The still-untitled Picard Star Trek series is expected to go before the cameras this April. Patrick Stewart’s known to have had a very hands-on role with the writing of the show, too, so with any luck, maybe he found a place for some of his old co-stars somewhere in the planned three-season arc.