Who’s playing Wylan in Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’?

Jack Wolfe
Jack Wolfe/IMDb

The characters in Netflix’s Shadow and Bone are a huge factor behind the show’s widespread appeal.

Particularly for fans of the books behind the popular series, the characters are a shining example of everything that makes the show enjoyable. They have wide-ranging and interesting personalities, dark and intriguing backstories, and many boast extraordinary powers that dazzle on the small screen.

The second season is set to introduce several new characters, all of whom are highly anticipated by book fans. The journey to seeing these beloved characters appear on screen has been closely followed by longtime fans, many of whom have been awaiting the arrival of specific characters. Season two will see, for one, the introduction of Wylan, a fresh-faced ally of the Crows who readers have been eagerly awaiting. 

Who’s playing Wylan in Shadow and Bone?

The utterly charming Jack Wolfe is set to portray the youthful demo man for Shadow and Bone’s Crows. The 26-year-old British actor is still at the outset of his career, but it’s already starting to take off. He’s been in a number of television and stage productions over the last few years, and in 2022 debuted in his first-ever film.

Wolfe is set to bring more than his acting chops to the cast of Shadow and Bone. He’s also an experienced vocalist, if one of his most recent stage appearances is any indication. In 2021, the curly-haired charmer led the cast of the musical The Magician’s Elephant, earning rave reviews in the process. 

Wylan is set to get a minor rebrand in Netflix’s adaptation, with his last name altered to “Hendriks.” Fans of the book will be well aware why, but I’m not spoiling anything here. You’ll have to watch season two of Shadow and Bone to find out for yourselves.