Will Daenerys’s dragon eggs make an appearance in ‘House of the Dragon’?

Paddy Considine as King Viserys Targaryen
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HBO’s new series set in the world of Westeros is almost here with the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon set to premiere on Aug. 21, 2022. The series will uncover one of the most important events in the history of Westeros, and of House Targaryen, the Dance of the Dragons. 

But just because House of the Dragon will unpack an event that occurred over a hundred years before the events of Game of Thrones does not mean that the new series will not have some connections to future events in Westeros. With the series featuring 17 dragons, House of the Dragon could answer one of the biggest unanswered questions from Game of Thrones, where did the three dragon eggs that Daenerys Targaryen receives come from? So let’s take a look at how the dragon eggs may come into play in House of the Dragon

Will Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs make an appearance in House of the Dragon?

In the first season of Game of Thrones Daenerys received three dragon eggs from Illyrio Mopatis as wedding gifts for her marriage to Khal Drogo. The eggs were petrified and any dragons hatching from them were thought to be impossible until Daenerys consumed them in fire at the end of season one and three dragons were born, Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal. Daenerys famously then became the ‘Mother of Dragons’ and used them to briefly conquer Westeros. 

Even now, more than 25 years after the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire, A Game of Thrones was released, we still do not know how the dragon eggs made their way into the hands of Illyrio Mopatis. There are however theories about how the dragon eggs were created. Fire and Blood, the book that the upcoming House of the Dragon is based on, did make reference to Lady Elissa Farman, who was close to one of the Targaryens who rode one of the last dragons in Westeros. 

Farman had gone to Braavos, leaving her life in Westeros behind. After she had left, Queen Rhaena Targaryen discovered that three dragon eggs had been stolen, which were laid by a dragon named Dreamfyre, and she assumed Farman had stolen them. The interesting thing about Dreamfyre is that she will be one of the dragons featured in House of the Dragon. So if Dreamfyre did create the eggs that eventually become Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal, we could easily see their creation in House of the Dragon

With that being said it was never confirmed that the dragon eggs Lady Farman stole were the dragon eggs that Daenerys receives in the events of Game of Thrones. There is always the possibility that the dragon eggs were born of another dragon, one that lived beyond Dreamfyre and the eggs may have been smuggled out of Westeros years before the Mad King’s reign. But there is even another possibility.

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs
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When Illyrio Mopatis gifted the dragon eggs to Daenerys in the book, A Game of Thrones, he said, “Dragon’s eggs, from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai. The eons have turned them to stone, yet still they burn bright with beauty.” Assuming Mopatis was not lying here, the dragon eggs could not have come from Westeros. Then again, there is always the chance that whoever he got the eggs from lied about their origins. 

For context, Asshai is where Melissandre is from in Game of Thrones. The Shadow Lands, which are beyond Asshai, are not well documented apart from the whispers that dragons still dwell there. This would not be out of order, as the Shadow Lands are even further from Westeros than Daenerys ever ventured in Game of Thrones. In addition to the Shadow Lands, there is always the chance that the dragon eggs were created a little closer to Westeros, in Valyria. 

Valyria is where the Targaryens were originally from, but after a volcanic eruption caused the Doom of Valyria, all of the Valyrians except for the Targaryens – and those who had already migrated to Westeros – perished, dragons seemingly included. But because of the Doom, Valyria was dangerous for anyone to walk upon, so dragons could still live in Valyria among the heat and ash. The only problem with that theory is who would have smuggled the dragon eggs out of Old Valyria? Maybe one of the people inflicted with Greyscale, who are supposedly quarantined there, sold the eggs for their freedom. 

Even though there are multiple possibilities for where the eggs could have come from, it would be a nice nod to Game of Thrones if we saw them briefly in House of the Dragon. But even if we don’t see the eggs that become Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal, surely we will see others along with the 17 dragons appearing in the series. 

House of the Dragon will be premiering on HBO on August 21, 2022.