There Will Be Some Overlap Between Star Wars Resistance And The Force Awakens


Cast your eyes over the (very long) list of in-development Star Wars titles and you’ll notice that, like Resistance, the vast majority are rooted in that sweet spot between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.

There are exceptions to the trend, of course; Lucasfilm projects like Episode IX and the hotly-anticipated Mandalorian series from Jon Favreau are the real outliers. But when it comes to Star Wars Resistance, fans are beginning to fall in love with Poe, Leia, and rookie X-wing pilot Kazuda Xiono, who became “The Recruit” during Sunday’s well-received pilot.

It’s by no means perfect, but as far as animated Star Wars series go, it’s a welcome addition to the Lucasfilm family, and one that will no doubt help fill the void between now and Episode IX. And while it initially begins six months prior to The Force Awakens, Resistance scribe Brandon Auman has confirmed that there will be some overlap between his cartoon and Episode VII.

It’s a little hard for the younger fans to wrap their heads around it if it was, say 15 years before The Force Awakens. Then it’s a very nebulous timeline. You’re kind of not sure. The fact that we’ve got Poe Dameron and BB-8 from the very beginning — kids and any fan of any age automatically just know, ‘This is the new movies, this is where it’s gonna take place,’ so it’s just easier. And it was just fun to kind of roll in and back up a little bit instead of just trying to follow exactly where the movies are at.

Identifying Resistance‘s place on the ever-evolving Star Wars timeline can be tricky, then, particularly when catering for a younger audience. But in the eyes of series producer Justin Ridge, including big-name favorites like Poe Dameron and BB-8 (AKA everyone’s favorite astromech droid) helps ease the transition between one era and the next.

Via Syfy Wire:

This is actually an interesting timeline, because you have all this old tech that’s still around, and some of the old droids and things that are still working, but you have all the new tech from the new movies. It’s a cool hybrid of old and new. Even though it has more the lighthearted tone to it, there are still stakes. This is still Star Wars, there’s still good guys and bad guys, it’s just there’s not a war going on at this point, so we don’t start off heavy with conflict, we have to see how the First Order is building up. This is part of [series lead] Kaz Xiono’s mission: to figure out what that is and report it to the Resistance.

Star Wars Resistance continues this weekend with the premiere of “The Triple Dark.”

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