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Will the ‘Community’ movie bring back John Oliver’s Ian Duncan?

Should we expect him to temporarily ditch his hosting duties and become everyone's beloved Professor again?

John Oliver as Ian Duncan in Community
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Community fans have received the best possible news! The comedy sitcom that graced TV screens all over the world between 2009 and 2012 is finally being revived — but not exactly in the same medium. Peacock, Sony, and Universal TV announced that a Community movie is underway and is all set to come to the big screen, bringing some of the fan-favorite characters back to the screens. The show getting six seasons and a movie was perfect premonitions Abed had years ago when — someone really had the power to predict the future!

In spite of the good news, it seems as though not everyone is expected to return to the Greendale grounds in the foreseeable future. Donald Glover, Chevy Chase, and Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Troy Barnes, Pierce Hawthorne, and Shirley Bennett respectively, were not among the names expected to return for the movie. Although a massive hit to the hearts of fans, it seems as though Troy and Abed in the morning aren’t yet expected to make their return, yet.

Nonetheless, some vital names have yet to make it to the list of the relatively short cast for the film. Even though the Greendale seven will have at least four out of its seven members back, there are quite a few characters that are indispensable when it comes to bringing back the cozy and absolutely chaotic community campus. One of those names is none other than faculty royalty, John Oliver.

From the very first episode, Oliver’s character, Professor Ian Duncan, has been an on-and-off presence on the show, making an absolute dent in the story whenever the psychology professor came on the scene. Though he had a relatively short-lived character arc on the show, Duncan was a part of the faculty for quite some time, with his presence being an absolute staple of the first two seasons, before his departure for seasons three and four. After that, the actor and television host made a few cameos in season five.

Although Duncan wasn’t necessarily present in season six, his name plate could still be found right outside his office door, thus leading fans to wonder whether the chaotic teacher portrayed by Oliver will be back for the movie or not.

Will John Oliver be in the Community movie?

John Oliver Community Set Interview
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Although Oliver’s name wasn’t among the ones announced, we can certainly expect a cameo by the television host — that is, if he can find time in his busy schedule as he is currently the host of the late-night show, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. In a relatively recent Reddit post, a user shared his experience during the taping of the show with Oliver. In the post, the user admits to asking if Oliver believed a Community movie would happen, and whether he would take part in it. Though the comedian expressed interest in reprising his role, he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to commit to it given his packed calendar.

Though Oliver had faith that a film continuing the series was right around the corner, he believes his part on the show to be “so insignificant that it isn’t important if he’s in it.” Even though we beg to differ, we have to admit that Ian Duncan was, indeed, a very absent community college professor. Still, Oliver gave hope to fans by sharing that “he would like to do the movie if he could pop in when he had a break from Last Week Tonight.”

So, there you go, even though Oliver’s presence can’t yet be confirmed as part of the Greendale faculty returning for the movie, it doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t be on the lookout for Ian Duncan’s intoxicating presence.

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