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Will there be more ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi?’

Fans are already demanding more of the spectacular series.

Dooku - Tales of the Jedi
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The latest Star Wars offering officially arrived on Disney Plus on Oct. 26, and Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is quickly becoming a new crowd favorite.

Another gem from Dave Filoni, Tales of the Jedi digs into the background of several key characters from existing Star Wars media. The story largely revolves around two central characters, both of whom are destined to loose faith in the Jedi Order and abandon it. Over the course of six episodes, the first season of the fresh series examines both Count Dooku — fated to fall prey to the Dark Side — and Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s eventual apprentice.

The first season of the charming animated series is quite brief for a Star Wars show, and fans are already demanding more. The series barely scraped the surface of both its lead characters, and there are plenty more Jedi — and eventual Sith — that would be well served by some zoomed-in attention via their own Tales of the Jedi arc. It’s only been out for a few days now, but the Star Wars fandom is looking ahead to season two of Tales of the Jedi.

Will there be a season two of Tales of the Jedi?

There’s no concrete confirmation of more Tales of the Jedi just yet, but chances of a season two seem good. The series is already incredibly popular among the Star Wars fandom, and it’s not like the creators are at a loss for material. Even if they remain focused on the current subjects of the series, Dooku and Ahsoka undoubtably have more stories to tell. And should Filoni and his team choose to branch out into the wealth of other potential subjects, Tales of the Jedi could maintain for years, and a handful of seasons yet.

The majority of Disney Plus’ Star Wars series are granted with a second season, and there’s no real reason to think that Tales of the Jedi won’t get the same treatment. Other animated Star Wars series like The Bad Batch announced their second seasons within a few months of their initial release, so fans can likely expect a short wait before Tales season two is announced.

We might not get word of more Tales of the Jedi until early 2023, but fans of the series shouldn’t take the wait as bad news. The team behind the series needs to ensure there’s proper demand for another season before they pour months into its development, but the reaction to the show so far all but assures that a second season will follow.

The biggest question revolves more around “when” than “if.” More of the show is practically a guarantee, but the release timeline is far more hazy. Many Star Wars animated offerings take around two years between their first and second seasons, so its likely that Tales fans will experience a similar wait. Additional episodes aren’t likely to drop until mid-2024 or early 2025, leaving fans with nothing but the brief six-episode first season to lean on. – and, of course, the wealth of other Star Wars series currently populating Disney Plus, from The Clone Wars and Rebels to The Bad Batch and Visions.

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