The Witcher EP Shares New Season 2 Set Photo To Cheer Us Up

The Witcher

The showrunner behind Netflix’s The Witcher has just shared a photo from the set of season 2 which reminds us that we need to get rid of this COVID-19 pandemic as soon as possible. That is, if we wish to be able to once again toss a coin to our favorite Witcher.

Lauren S. Hissrich did a wonderful job of introducing the world of the Continent in the first season while making sure to pay tribute to what makes this fantasy realm such a compelling and deep setting. As such, many fans instantly fell head-over-heels with Geralt of Rivia and his solitary life as a monster-hunter in the Northern Kingdoms. Seeing this, the streaming juggernaut quickly began working on the next season of the highly acclaimed and popular TV show.

This time around, we’ll follow a much more linear story as it was announced that the writers were planning to adapt Blood of Elves, the first official novel in the Witcher saga. With the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus sweeping through the world, though, it was just a matter of time before Netflix decided to shut down production on the second season of The Witcher as well. Now, when all hope seems lost, the showrunner has just taken to Twitter to share a photo from filming on season 2 to let us know that once this pandemic is over with, Henry Cavill and the gang will go back to filming the next chapter.

Hissrich even went so far as to try and lift our spirits with these encouraging words on her Twitter post:

“#tbt one month ago on the set of ⁦@witchernetflix⁩.

The sun will rise again. Until then, stay home and stay safe.”

So, I guess the only thing we can do right now is to self-isolate and help curb the spread of the disease, in the hope that the cast and crew of The Witcher can continue working on the next season as soon as possible.