The Witcher EP Teases Vilgefortz’s Role In Future Seasons


If you’ve ever been one to mistake the stars reflected in a pond at night for those in the sky, you need to watch out for Vilgefortz, since his involvement in the story of The Witcher is far from over.

The enigmatic sorcerer first made his appearance in the seventh episode, titled “Before a Fall,” and fooled almost every viewer into believing that he’s an advocate of the Northern Kingdoms and their independence. Vilgefortz ultimately showed his true colors by betraying a fellow mage though in the Battle of Sodden Hill. For fans who haven’t read the novels, this came off as a big surprise that was left unexplained by the end of the first season. But fear not, for showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has big plans for the character in future runs.

When asked about Vilgefortz of Roggeveen in her recent Reddit AMA, Hissrich coyly addressed the character’s situation in the story without giving anything away, saying:

“Ohhhh Vilgefortz. There’s much more to be learned about this particular sorcerer, and I don’t want to spoil that — but I will say that his temper is covering a great amount of frustration at things not going his way.”

As fans of the books might tell you, Vilgefortz is an important figure in the Chapter of Sorcerers. He also plays a vital role in the progression of the narrative in the main saga of books, but how Lauren and her team of writers choose to tell his story is still up for speculation. Though one thing is certain: we were quite surprised to see him appear in Netflix’s The Witcher as early as the first season.

Of course, this could have several implications, the most likely of which is that we’ll get to follow Vilgefortz’s journey more closely, just like we did with Yennefer in the first outing. Who knows what this powerful sorcerer has been up to in his many years of absence? Maybe we’ll even get to see his origin story, too, as the show develops in the coming years.

In any case, we have a long wait ahead until the second season of The Witcher arrives on Netflix in 2021, and for the time being, we’ll have to settle for these small teasers and tidbits to quench our thirst.