The Witcher Fans Furious After Critic Says Women Can’t Fight With A Sword


Netflix’s smash hit The Witcher series may not have received unanimous praise (what does?) from audiences and critics, but there’s no denying the show’s popularity.

Since its release on the streaming service last month, in fact, fans of fantasy fiction have caught the Witcher fever, a serious ailment that causes viewers to seek out as much content as possible starring none other than Geralt of Rivia himself. From CD Projekt RED’s acclaimed The Witcher 3 to Andrzej Sapkowski’s (now Amazon’s top-rated author, by the way) original books, fans simply can’t get enough of the titular monster hunter and his equally magnetic friends.

One reviewer, however, has taken umbrage with the show’s portrayal of women or, more specifically, how it ‘inaccurately’ depicts them brandishing swords and heading into medieval battle. In a recent episode of his podcast, Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan stated that “zero women can fight with a sword,” in reference to The Witcher. Wholly unsurprisingly, Klavan’s comments have been met with overwhelming negativity from fans, many of which have gone out of their way to mention to him that that’s factually incorrect.

Klavan, on the other hand, has refused to back down, appearing to actively provoke his newfound critics into further responding. Advertising the latest episode of his show, Klavan says: “Today’s show, in which I discuss Iran and Hollywood and remind listeners that, no matter how angry people get on Twitter, women would still be killed instantly in a medieval sword fight!”

A contentious issue, then, and we imagine you’ll have your own thoughts to share on the topic. So tell us, is Klavan being deliberately antagonistic to fans of The Witcher, or are his comments simply being blown way out of proportion? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!

Source: Twitter