Netflix Teases A Brutal Monster Fight In The Witcher Season 2

The Witcher

As their sixth and final present for the last day of the “Witchmas” event, Netflix has released a season 2 script page from The Witcher that teases the monster hunter’s brutal fight with Nivellen.

While most people will tell you that the story of the stoic Geralt of Rivia mostly revolves around his Child Surprise, Princess Cirilla, there’s also a certain aspect of the protagonist’s life that fans would like to see more of. By that, of course, we’re referring to the hazardous profession of killing otherworldly monsters, most of whom would tear normal humans apart without so much as batting an eye. In Henry Cavill’s first outing as the White Wolf, there were a couple of these brutal fight sequences, though he managed to get out of most of them pretty much unscathed.

But the legendary monster hunter will finally meet his match in the upcoming season 2. As part of their 6-day Witchmas event, the official Twitter account for The Witcher has offered us a fresh look at the Kaer Morhen set and Dandelion’s new apparel, among other things. Now, to wrap things up, they’ve posted a script page, which you can see below, that teases the brutal fight between Geralt and Nivellen.

The scene in question depicts a merchant, Colin Coppercloth, leading his wagon into a dense forest, accompanied by his daughter and wife. He then comes to a mansion before an abandoned square. It’s here when a monster creeps out of the shadows and takes all three of them. This is similar to how Geralt receives the contract in the books after the murder of a merchant, so our safe bet is on it being Nivellen.

As fans may know, the cursed monster is the first creature that Andrzej Sapkowski introduces in The Last Wish. The story of his encounter with Geralt is separated into several interludes, culminating in an epic albeit brutal fight at the end of the novel. Suffice it to say, we’re positively excited to finally see the scene play out on screen when the next season of The Witcher arrives.