The Witcher Season 2 Photos Reveal Jaskier’s New Look

The Witcher

Netflix’s treat for the second day of the ongoing “Witchmas” includes several new photos of the legendary bard, Julian Alfred Pankratz, aka Jaskier, whose swagger doesn’t fall short of inaudibly proclaiming him the greatest poet in the Northern Kingdoms.

Filming on the second season of The Witcher has been anything but a breeze for the streaming juggernaut over the past year. After a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention an outbreak on the set, Henry Cavill recently injured his leg, which further disrupted the production process. The delays and other associated conundrums haven’t really diminished fan anticipation, though, nor have they stopped showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich and her gang from incessantly teasing us with new snippets that hint at what the next chapter in the story of Geralt is going to look like.

After the first teaser from the 6-day “Witchmas” event offered us a glimpse at the fortress of Kaer Morhen, fans once again chose the “Law of Surprise” in yesterday’s poll between a surprise reveal and a script page from season 2. And boy are we glad that they got it right, as the new batch of photos, which you can see below, feature the return of none other than Jaskier, the White Wolf’s closest friend.

While the character’s look hasn’t changed a whole lot in terms of apparel, it’s clear that the design department has spent more time refining the details and updating his appearance a bit. After all, if Jaskier is to return with another hit song for the upcoming second season, then he should look every bit the legendary bard that the world of the Continent has come to know and expect.

How his and Geralt’s paths coincide again, though, is anyone’s guess at this point. But as fans would tell you, a general rule of thumb in The Witcher saga is that their reunion at different intervals is basically an inevitable ordeal.