The Witcher’s Now More Popular Than Stranger Things In Most Countries


We’ve only had one season of Netflix’s smash hit The Witcher so far, but showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich already has big plans in place for what comes next.

Despite not knowing how her project would be received before it premiered last month, Hissrich apparently approached the show as a longterm investment right from the start. In fact, a few weeks back, she revealed that she’s already got plans for a whopping seven seasons, and with the way things are going right now, she may even get the chance to bring us that much more of the series.

Yes, The Witcher has proven to be a roaring success and it seems that it’s even begun to overtake Stranger Things – Netflix’s current crown jewel – in terms of popularity. According to some new data shared over on Reddit, Hissrich’s series is actually more popular than the aforementioned horror show in the majority of countries that Netflix is available in.

New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Sweden, Japan, the UK, Poland, Belgium and many, many more all favor The Witcher over Stranger Things. And when you remember that the former has only been available for a couple of weeks, we imagine that it’ll overtake the latter in a few more regions over the coming months as it continues to dominate the online conversation.

Things look like they’ll only be getting brighter from here, too, as a second season is soon entering production and the streaming giant has also reportedly greenlit a third run as well. Where the showrunners will take us next remains to be seen, but we’re glad to see The Witcher finding some well deserved success and can’t wait to find out what else Netflix has planned for us. With any luck, it’ll include Mark Hamill as Vesemir. Fingers crossed, eh?

Source: Reddit