X-Men: The Animated Series Stars Blast Disney For Ignoring A Revival


Disney have already admitted that they plan on shifting their focus towards exclusive streaming content, and there are revivals of two beloved animated shows staring them right in the face. The talk of bringing back cult classic Gargoyles may have quietened down drastically over the last few months, but X-Men: The Animated Series has never strayed too far from the headlines.

The longtime favorite might have wrapped up 23 years ago, but since being added to the Disney Plus library, talk of a revival has frequently reared its head. The 76 episodes are comparable in quality to anything the Fox franchise brought to the big screen, and in some cases handled the serious themes much better than any of the movies did.

Earlier this year, producer Larry Houston revealed that early talks had taken place about potentially doing more, while the rumor mill started churning again when a new promo was created, leading to speculation that an announcement was imminent. That may not have happened yet, but the voice actors are now lending their support to bringing X-Men: The Animated Series back.

In a recent panel interview, Rouge actress Lenore Zann admitted that she’d love to get the gang together for a new batch of episodes, saying:

“I’d like to get the X-Men together and do another bunch, another series. I think that, or a film, bring back the show Time for X-Men. I think I’d like to see that, first of all, it’s time. I think it’s very timely and people would love it. Let’s make that happen.”

Wolverine’s Cal Dodd was even more forthright in his assessment, and accused Disney of dragging their heels in rebooting X-Men: The Animated series when there’s clearly already a huge built-in audience willing to embrace more adventures.

“I don’t know how they’re ignoring it. I mean, the fans are just adamant. There’s millions of fans that want another season, minimum, but they just seem to be turning their ear on it.”

Disney Plus has been frustratingly light on exciting original content ever since the streaming service launched last year, but with the studio intent on shifting their business model, it surely won’t be too long now until we get some concrete news surrounding the Mouse House’s plans for X-Men: The Animated Series.