‘Yellowstone’ fans can ring in the New Year with the Duttons thanks to Paramount’s celebration marathon

Image via Paramount Plus

Paramount is giving Yellowstone fans a chance to ring in the New Year with the Dutton family thanks to a marathon celebration highlighting every episode of the tangled saga thus far. The New Year Celebration Marathon starts at noon Eastern time on Dec. 28 and takes viewers on a ride through each season before ushering them into the season five mid-season finale airing on Jan. 1.

Though it feels like season five of Yellowstone just started, we’re already at a pausing point in this chapter of the storyline, and it’s coming at a time when emotions are heavy and the stakes have never been higher. The preview for season five, episode eight ⏤ “A Knife and No Coin” ⏤ shows a family in turmoil, and the worst part is that they’re serving it up for one another. The Duttons are no stranger to strife or disdain, but it looks like they may finally be reaching the tipping point of who comes out on top.

Paramount’s marathon offers fans who need to catch up on the show a chance to do so, and also those who have been on the fence about starting the series the perfect opportunity to dive right in. It also gives existing fans a moment to prolong the inevitable heartache to come.

In the first episode of the series, die-hard fans will remember that Beth Dutton asks her dad who she should be fighting, and his one-word reply ⏤ “Everyone” ⏤ sets her on a course that affects each subsequent season. It’s something you might miss if you’re not listening carefully, and something you could overlook if you haven’t watched the first episode in a while, but it’s an important ⏤ some would even say monumental ⏤ aspect of Beth’s character.

She’s on a war path in every season, with each episode giving us a deeper look into her battles, and while viewers could take the easy way out and write her off as angry and damaged, the more profound truth is that she’s a daughter on a mission, not just in keeping her promise to her father, but in helping to mend his broken heart.

In addition to Beth’s arc, viewers can also get a refresher on every beautiful and broken relationship leading Yellowstone die-hards to where we are now, namely with John Dutton as Governor of Montana and his son, Jamie, doing everything in his power to impeach him, strip him of his power, and kick him where it hurts. Doubling as a foray into the New Year, the celebration marathon offers fans old and new alike an opportunity to immerse themselves in this and other complex Dutton details ahead of Sunday’s mid-season finale.

From train stations to ranch weddings, Yellowstone has it all, and we’re not blaming you one bit if you cancel all of your plans through the first of the year to watch the story from the beginning. In fact, we’ll be joining you.

You can tune into the Paramount Network and stream the Yellowstone: The New Year Celebration Marathon right now.