Zac Efron Is Shirtless And Sweaty In First Look At His New Netflix Show

Zac Efron

Like many of you, I’ve been stuck at home for months. The furthest I’ve travelled is a few miles from my house, and I’m getting real tired of the same old scenery. As such, I’m incredibly jealous of Zac Efron, whose new Netflix show Down to Earth sees him happily gallivanting around several exotic locations. He’s joined by “superfood hunter,” supplement formulator and environmental activist Darin Olien, and the pair will showcase their explorations of healthy and sustainable ways of living, inspired by various communities from across the planet.

Now, Netflix has released some pictures from the show and in them we see Efron looking at some bees, rolling dough, having smoke blown on him and happily frolicking in the sea – and I’ll admit, he looks good doing all of it.

Check them out below:

As much as I like Efron, I’m not sure being still stuck at home and watching a Hollywood megastar have an amazing holiday (that he’s getting paid for!) is going to make me feel particularly cheery. Then again, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses for the actor on his travels. He’s also been filming another show for Quibi titled Killing Zac Efron. Whereas the Netflix series looks to be all about positivity, the Quibi one is billed as being about him heading “deep into the jungles of a remote, dangerous island to carve his own name in expedition history.”

How dangerous is this island? Well, Zac Efron almost died late last year when he contracted an illness believed to be typhoid fever while making the show. He was rushed to hospital to be treated and “bounced back” quickly, before completing filming on the project.

Actually, you know what? After recovering from typhoid, I’m not going to begrudge him staring at bees with a wellness expert for a few weeks.

Down to Earth premieres on Netflix on July 10th