Zach Braff wants to be the Blue Beetle to Donald Faison’s Booster Gold

A major DC character finally made his Arrowverse debut in the recent seventh season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, as Donald Faison was added to The CW show’s lineup as Booster Gold, the popular time-traveling superhero from the comics. Now that Faison’s on board as Booster, fans are desperate to see his frequent partner in crimefighting — the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord — join him on Legends. And there’s only one possible choice for who should play him.

The internet is obsessed with the idea of Zach Braff being cast as Kord, so that we can have Faison reignite his iconic double act with his former Scrubs co-star in the DC universe. But what does Braff think of the idea? Luckily for fans, he’s open to it. To promote his new Disney Plus movie, a remake of Cheaper By the Dozen, the actor told SlashFilm that he’s well aware of the desire for him to play Blue Beetle, and he’s not about to disappoint anyone by ruling the option out. Even if he’s not all that familiar with the character.

“Listen, this keeps coming up and I want you to tell all your followers: I am down to play Ted Kord,” Braff explained. “Whoever owns the property. It’s DC, right? Probably part of the BerlantiVerse. He’s one of the first people who ever hired me. But yeah, Donald said that everyone [is saying that I should be Ted Kord]… I don’t follow comic books. I’m sorry. I know people love them. I don’t know anything about it, but yes, I’m here to announce that whoever owns the property. I’m down to play Ted Kord.”

The Arrowverse has been hinting at Kord’s existence in the franchise for years now. Brandon Routh was even originally hired to play him before DC told them they couldn’t use the hero and so he was recast as the Atom instead. The reason why was because Warner Bros. was developing a Booster Gold movie at the time. But that project must’ve been quietly shelved if Faison’s Booster is now allowed to appear on Legends. So there’s theoretically nothing stopping Braff from hopping aboard as Kord if that’s something he wants.

Kord’s successor as the Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes will definitely soon be on our screens, though. Cobra Kai‘s Xolo Mariduena stars as the teen hero in the Blue Beetle film that’s hitting theaters in August 2023. In the meantime, The CW has yet to make an official decision on Legends of Tomorrow season eight.

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