Just 2 Arrowverse shows are locked in for renewal at The CW

There’s a chance that the Arrowverse could be significantly thinned out next season. The CW’s ever-expanding DC TV universe has been going strong ever since Arrow debuted in 2012, but the past couple of years have brought a lot of changes to the franchise, with many series coming to an end — namely, Arrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning — and being replaced by new standalone shows like Naomi. And it’s just possible that more cancellations are on the way.

The Hollywood Reporter recently shared a run-down of how things are looking on the renewal front for all the major network TV series. When it comes to The CW, THR noted that hits such as Walker, All-American, and Riverdale will definitely be coming back, but many of its other long-running shows might not make the cut. On the DC front, only two Arrowverse titles are locked in for renewal at this point. Specifically, Superman & Lois is fully expected to get a third season while The Flash is headed for its landmark ninth season, officially making it the Arrowverse’s longest-lasting series.

However, things aren’t looking so good for the remainder of the franchise’s lineup. THR writes that the rest of the shows are currently “on the bubble.” So it could go either way for Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, both of which just wrapped up their seventh and third seasons, respectively. As for Stargirl, with its third run having yet to air, it’s too early for any decision to have been made about season four, so we’ll just have to see how that goes.

The news that The Flash is coming back isn’t a surprise, as Grant Gustin has already been announced to have signed a deal for season nine. Whether it’ll last until season ten, however, is the big question. Likewise, a third year for S&L is no surprise given its popularity and acclaim. Arrowverse fans will just have to keep their fingers crossed that Batwoman and Legends can survive another season, too.