Zoom Unmasks In New Promo And Photos From The Next Episode Of The Flash


It seems the show is taking a very different direction with this character though, as he’s portrayed as a serial killer and escaped mental patient here; in the comics, Hunter was a cop and ally to The Flash who lost his mind when the Scarlet Speedster (Wally West at the time) refused to go back in time to save his wife due to the damage that would do to the timeline.


The promo also seems to confirm that Hunter posed as the heroic Jay Garrick in order to give people hope before snatching it away from them. However, that doesn’t explain who the man in the iron mask is…could that be the real Jay, kidnapped and replaced by Zoom? Those are the questions which this episode will hopefully answer.

No synopsis (or title) has been released for this instalment of The Flash just yet, but stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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