Give Orders In Mass Effect 3 Using Kinect


Mass Effect 3

Commander Shepard’s third outing will allow gamers to make moral choices about which players should live and which ones should perish. The surprising thing? This can be accomplished (in the XBOX 360 version) using Kinect voice commands. Not only will this option be available when Mass Effect 3 ships on March 6, but you will also have the opportunity to issue orders to your squad using this same technology.

Bioware made the official announcement at this morning’s Microsoft E3 media conference, though the voice command implementation had been rumored.

It’s not known why they didn’t just go for voice commands over a headset, like R.U.S.E. did. Though it does sound quite interesting, regardless. This feature should add a lot of immersion into a series that prides itself on its immersive gameplay, characters, moral choices and world.

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