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Is Apple Maps down? Here’s how to check server status

Apple is experiencing outages across a range of its products, but is Apple Maps included? Here's how to check.

Apple products
Photo by David Stewart/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

A surge of outages across Apple products has users scrambling to find alternatives.

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Apple is experiencing issues with several of its services, including Maps, iCloud, and Apple Music. Users who rely on the range of services are flooding the Apple website with outage reports, which detail issues with a number of the massive tech company’s most commonly used products.

Issues with Apple’s Map app are particularly concerning for users, many of whom depend on the service to get them from place to place. There is, thankfully, a simple way to check for outages, and to track progress as Apple works to get its systems up and running again.

Is Apple Maps down?

Apple Maps - support site
Photo via Apple

Apple Maps is down, according to Apple’s support website. Each portion of the Maps experience — from traffic and search to routing and navigation — is currently unavailable, and the company has yet to give updates on when the products will be back up.

How to check Apple’s server status

Apple Maps - Down Detector
Photo via Down Detector

There are a few easy ways to double check Apple’s server status in the instance of an outage. The first is to go through the company’s aforementioned support site, which details the status of Apple’s services. This avenue doesn’t provide nearly as many details as Down Detector, however, and doesn’t allow users to report their own outages and experiences.

Down Detector is a more comprehensive alternative to Apple’s own site. It provides the same basic information as the Apple website — informing users if a specific product is down — but also allows them to report outages, and details when most outages were reported. This can help users to track how long an issue has been ongoing, and better allows them to determine when systems may be back to functionality.

The majority of issues with Apple Maps, according to Down Detector, have to do with data, rather than the login process. So the app may allow you to get logged in, but you’re likely to experience failures afterward.