The Walking Dead: Origins Premieres With Daryl’s Story


We’ve got one month still to go before The Walking Dead‘s eleventh and final season kicks off, but AMC isn’t letting us go hungry and is serving up some fresh content to keep up the hype. The Walking Dead: Origins, a new docuseries which takes a look at the evolution of some fan favorite survivors, launched on AMC Plus today, kicking off with a 60-minute special all about Norman Reedus’ one and only Daryl Dixon.

Origins is a four-part series that focuses on one of TWD‘s four biggest characters – that’s Daryl, Maggie, Carol and Negan – each week, featuring new interviews and narrations from Reedus, Lauren Cohan, Melissa McBride and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, respectively. Premiering every Thursday for the next month, each ep ends with an exclusive sneak peek at the incoming season and is accompanied by The Best of The Walking Dead, a collection of classic episodes highlighting these characters.

Today’s first installment, Daryl’s Story, recaps how the beloved survivor went from “a loner to protector and guardian of his chosen family” over the past 10 years of the post-apocalyptic drama, featuring Reedus himself and a brand-new clip from season 11. It comes with Best of Daryl, consisting of two great chapters from TWD history – season 2’s “Chupacabra” and season 9’s “The Obliged.” Catch the trailer for Origins in the player above.

Daryl’s Story is followed by Maggie’s Story/Best of Maggie on Thursday, July 22nd, Negan’s Story/Best of Negan on July 29th and, finally, Carol’s Story/Best of Carol on August 5th. The first third of the super-sized 24-part Walking Dead season 11 then kicks off later that month, becoming available to stream for AMC Plus subscribers from Sunday, August 15th before getting its AMC network premiere 7 days later on August 22nd. The end is in sight but we’ve still got a ways to go first.