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Who should play Phoenix in the MCU?

With Mutants about to join the MCU, who should play the pivotal roles of the X-Men? Here are our top five picks for Jean Grey, aka Phoenix.

One of the original X-Men, and arguably the most important, Jean Grey has been instrumental to both comics and film, though the mutant-orientated films have somehow never gotten her just right. The Dark Phoenix Saga is the character’s most important storyline, and though it has been done twice, both times were unsuccessful.

Now returning to MCU, who shall play the most powerful mutant and give her the respect she deserves. Here are our top 5 picks to play Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix.

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

From Harry Potter fame, Watson is no stranger to blockbuster films, nor is she averse to ensemble films. She has the acting chops, the likability, the looks, and as she has been previously rumored to be on Marvel’s radar, it’s clear that having Emma join the MCU would be a wise move.

Watson is also in her thirties, which makes her the perfect age to begin her journey as the new Jean Grey and perhaps tackle the story of Phoenix Saga again should MCU try to tackle it.

4. Saoirse Ronan

A talented and versed actress, Saoirse would have no difficulty tackling the role of Jean, especially should Jean be possessed by the Phoenix force. Like Watson, Saoirse is young enough to be a part of the MCU for a long time to come, helping to build up the story of Jean Grey and the X-Men, and there are already fans calling for the American-Irish actress, which position her as an incredible casting.

3. Jennifer Garner

elektra jennifer garner

Talented. Knows how to fight. Has previously been a part of big films and long-running television shows, and her ex-husband is a part of DCEU, so why not cast Garner as Jean Grey? There has been a multitude of fan drawings of the action star in the titular role, and she looks incredible as the Phoenix. Also, she has said that she wishes her time as Elektra was under the hand of Fiege, since he elevated the MCU.

2. Famke Janssen


The original Jean Grey of the Fox films deserves to be seen again, and Famke has expressed in returning to play Jean Grey if the opportunity arose. By the end of Days of Future Past, Janssen’s version of Jean Grey is alive, so the window is open.

Janssen is also a fan favorite, and immensely talented could bring the relatable, but deeply troubled mutant back to our screens. Plus, imagine Famke going up against the Guardians should MCU ever consider doing the comic run of The Trial of Jean Grey.

1. Naomi Scott

While not the traditional choice for Jean Grey, Scott has been making the rounds and building her résumé, having played a Disney princess, the Pink Power Ranger, and most recently an Angel. It might be the time for her to become a mutant.

Already, Naomi has an in with Disney so that would work in her favor, and though she has been in big franchises, she is somewhat unknown by wider audiences. With her acting chops and emotional depth, Scott could finally bring the comic Jean Grey to life as a mutant who struggles to understand her immense power and is always ready to fight for what is right.

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