How Does MrBeast Make Money?

Mr Beast

When you think of YouTubers who flaunt their worth one of the first to spring to mind would be MrBeast. The philanthropist and giveaway veteran has built a career on giving away exorbitantly priced items and gifts to friends, fans, and even strangers.

While the flashy videos might draw in millions of views and have created a large following for Jimmy Donaldson, or more commonly known as MrBeast, it can’t be cheap to regularly produce this kind of content.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some of the methods that MrBeast uses to fund his channel and add to his increasing net worth. There may be more methods outside of his brand, but these are the main ways the YouTuber gets things done.

How Does Mr Beast Make Money?

Ad revenue

MrBeast published a video in December of 2018 called “How I Gave Away $1,000,000” and in its conclusion, he shared that the money had come from his YouTube revenue stating “YouTube pays better than you think.” 

While it isn’t clear what CPM MrBeast has on his channel, he seems to be earning an extremely healthy amount from views on the platform. This is a common practice creators use to get by and with the millions of views each of his videos gets, it’s no wonder MrBeast is able to fund his videos with income from his channel.


Another great way that creators including MrBeast bolster their income is by taking on brand sponsorships. MrBeast has quite a few regular sponsors like the internet plugin Honey, but he’s also taken on one-time sponsors in the past.

This process works by the brand paying a fee for MrBeast to shout out their brand or product on his video for his audience to hear and hopefully purchase.


One of the other ways that MrBeast makes money is through his merch line. Available at shopmrbeast, Jimmy sells a variety of products from shirts, jumpers, even school supply sets. These products are extremely popular among his fanbase and with their size likely bring in a massive amount of passive income for the creator each year.