The ‘Ring Light’ trend is blowing up on TikTok

TikTok Ring Light challenge

The latest TikTok trend has people showing off their transition skills in brief, sensuous videos.

Frequent users of the app have likely seen at least a few participating videos, identified by the same music excerpt and exceedingly simple premise. If you’ve seen more than one or two videos of people taking their shirts off and swinging their Ring Light around, you’ve stumbled onto InfinityTok.

What is the Ring Light Challenge?

The Ring Light Challenge, also known as the Infinity Challenge, doesn’t have any complicated or potentially dangerous rules. Like the Silhouette trend of early 2021, it’s more centered around body positivity.

Videos participating in this trend almost always take the same approach. They’ll see a creator hoist their Ring Light off its stand and over their head while in a fully lit room, only to undergo a sudden transition into the dark. The Ring Light, now the only illumination in the video, backlights the user—most of whom have stripped off a few layers of clothing—and provides a sultry, silhouetted look at their favorite feature.

For many female creators, the focus generally lands on their head or shoulders, while most many creators allow their stomach muscles to become the focal point. Every participating video is soundtracked by the same song: “Infinity” by Jaymes Young.

Participating TikToks

The vast majority of the TikToks participating in the Ring Light trend contain very hot people showing off their best attributes. Numerous videos see shredded men ditch their shirts to shine a light on those sweet, sweet stomach muscles.


Reply to @bllyyee Like this? #fyp

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

Reply to @cac200021 ask and you shall receive #fyp #ringlightchallenge #trending #viral

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

There are also plenty of dudes fully committed to showing off their shoulders and arms.


Y’all kept tagging me in this trend so how’d I do 😇? #fyp

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

Entries into the challenge from female participants are a bit more diverse. For one thing, plenty of women who don’t look like they’re carved out of marble are taking part.


was too shy to post this version, but curvy plus sized queens can do it too! #bodypositivity #plussize #plussizeedition #bodypositive #plussizetiktok

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

Some users are also finding more ways to use the Ring Light to their advantage, rather than stick with the most straightforward option.


Maybe making this immediately after having dinner wasnt the best idea 🙃 #trending

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

The trend quickly inspired people to branch out and spurred on the challenge among dog owners along with the owners of stellar abs.

It also, predictably, inspired heaps of parodies. These might be the best entries yet.


Reply to @ahoomanwholikesbread part 2. Omgg it’s always the innocent ones 😩 #ringlightchallenge #iloveyouforinfinity

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

pala mobo ketinggian buat naro ringlightnya di belakang jd gini aja 😔

♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young