What Is The Distance Map Trend on Tiktok and how do you do it?

Trends on TikTok come in all different flavors, from goofy dance trends to eye-rolling dad jokes, to jaw-dropping filters and everything in-between. The latest to hit the app just may bring a few happy tears to your eyes. Users across the video-sharing service are using a new app called TravelBoast to virtually reunite themselves with boyfriends, besties, and loved ones that have moved away. Coast to coast, users are reminiscing about relationships that will never be taken for granted.


I’m not crying you are😭 @sarahfarrugiaa #maptrend #longdistance

♬ paradise – favsoundds

The trend uses three ingredients. First, is the TravelBoast app, which is a cartoon mapping app that lets you make an animated video showing a route to any location on the globe featuring virtual cars and planes. Second, an assortment of photos of a user and a loved one currently living far apart from each other — sometimes even continents away! Lastly, Coldplay’s “Paradise”, or at least that seems to be the traditional sound clip for the trend. Users have been combining the three elements into videos that can be just as heartwarming as they are heartbreaking.


I miss you ❤️ One more month ❤️@andrisnærsigurj� #longdistancerelationship #maptrend #fyp

♬ paradise – favsoundds

If you want to join in on the trend it’s easy. You will have to download the TravelBoast app to make your map though. After that, it’s just a matter of tracking down some of your favorite memories and posting the video to TikTok. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the TravelBoast app compatible with your phone’s platform
  2. Open the TravelBoast app on your phone.
  3. Click ‘Start point’ in the top left corner, and type in the first location – generally your hometown.
  4. Next, click ‘Destination’ in the top right corner, and enter your second location – the city where your SO, BFF, or family member currently lives.
  5. Tap on the orange line and drag it to create a new dot. This will make the animated trip seem more dynamic and lifelike.
  6. To change your vehicle, for example, to a train or airplane, just press and hold the car icon at your starting point, and select the appropriate vehicle then click the back button.
  7. Once you’ve mapped your route, just press the play button on the bottom of the screen.
  8. After the app your video is created, just select ‘Save video to camera roll.’

Now that you have your travel video, just upload it to TikTok and add whatever photos or footage you like to enhance it. You can add any music you like – although as stated, “Paradise” has been the hands-down favorite choice for the majority of trending videos.

Once you’ve posted, sit back and bask in the nostalgia. Share it with your absent person and enjoy the memories. Who knows? Your travelogue may be the next to go viral!