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How Much Does Vlad And Niki Make?

These young stars are raking it in.

Vlad and Niki - YouTube net worth
Photo via Vlad and Niki/YouTube

Kid shows on YouTube are often hit or miss. A rare few offerings are genuinely stellar, but with so many sub-par uploads on the massive site, they are sometimes lost in all the noise. This is thankfully not the case for YouTube channel “Vlad and Niki,” which has been collecting fans on the video-sharing platform for more than three years.

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The channel, aimed at children in the “preschool demographic,” is one of YouTube’s most popular series for kids. The channel features two Russian brothers, Vladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov, as they play, make pretend, and tell stories for their followers. The boys are 8 years old and 6 years old, respectively, and sometimes appear on screen with their mother, Victoria, and their younger brother Christian. 

The show’s main channel has a staggering 71.4 million subscribers. This number vastly outperforms the majority of YouTube’s top channels and doesn’t even include all of Vlad and Niki’s subscribers. In fact, adding in their numerous other channels—which offer episodes in a variety of languages, from the family’s native Russian to Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese—the show actually has a subscriber count in the hundreds of millions. With all 15 channels linked on their main YouTube channel included, the Vashketov family actually boasts more than 142 million subscribers. Add this to the main page’s already impressive 71.4 million, and the Vlad and Niki channels have a total subscriber count of nearly 215 million.

The main “Vlad and Niki” channel uploads a new video at least once a week. The majority of the page’s uploads are less than 20 minutes long, with some clocking in at only four or so minutes. Each one sees the siblings engaging in a new activity, from telling funny stories to playing with toys and even engaging in innocent challenges. In total, the videos on the family’s main page alone have earned more than 52 billion views. In less than five years, that is an impressive feat. 

All this labor has paid off big time for the family, particularly for the two main stars—both of whom are under 10 years old. Vlad and Niki earn an estimated $51 million a year thanks to ad revenue earned from their YouTube uploads. This number is likely much higher, as noted by Net Worth Spot, due to the family’s line of merchandise and any sponsorships or partners the channel may have taken on.

Even without the extra income, Vlad and Niki’s net worth is estimated to be near $205 million—and after less than a decade on this earth, no less. Add to that the income from potential partnerships and what they earn from vladandniki.com, where they sell a variety of kid-themed products, their net worth is likely far higher. Net Worth Spot estimates that this young duo might actually be worth closer to $287 million, and they’re not about to retire anytime soon.