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Top 10 YouTubers that make you feel old

Feel old yet?

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YouTube has been around since 2005. And since then, some creators either left, moved on to other platforms, or were canceled. And while there are new content creators such as Dream and Mr. Beast who are changing the game with their content and becoming the biggest names on the platform, we shouldn’t forget the OGs who stuck around for a long time.

That’s right, some of the OGs and classic content creators are still around making content on the platform. And while most of them changed over the years, some of them stayed the same and continued what they’ve been making since they started YouTube. Whether it’s just them, or having a huge production team behind them, they’re still making content on the platform for both the people who’ve known them for years and those just discovering them now.

Here are the top 10 YouTubers that are still around…and will make you feel old — very old.

10. The Gregory Brothers

The Gregory Brothers have been creating auto-tuned remixes for a long time, from politics to their favorite TV shows and memes. And while it’s been quite some time they’ve created something viral, their remix of ‘Chrissy wake up’ from the Netflix show, Stranger Things blew up on TikTok and was used in over 22,000 videos. These guys were the OGs of remix culture that we are now familiar with on TikTok and other social media platforms.

9. Timothy DeLaGhetto

Before changing his YouTube channel and rebranding himself to his real name, Tim Chantarangsu, Timothy DeLaGetto has been on a platform for a very long time, creating skits and fun music videos on the internet. He collaborated with other big YouTubers at the time such as The Station, and Epic Rap Battles of History. Recently, Chantarangsu began producing his new podcast series titled No Chaser, while continuing to upload other entertaining content such as vlogs with his wife, as well as producing new music as an artist.

8. Nikki Tutorials

Nikki Tutorials made waves both in the beauty and LBGT+ scene on the internet. She’s known for her beauty-centric content, yet she one of the very few prominent beauty creators who had little-to-less controversy surrounding them. Nikki has also collaborated with other celebrities such as Little Mix’s Jade, Maneskin, and Selena Gomez, where they did each other’s makeup on screen. In 2020, Nikki came out as transgender after she was blackmailed by an unnamed person. That video became the most viewed coming out video on the platform as she came out on her own terms. Her career extended outside of YouTube as she was one of the co-hosts for Eurovision 2021 when it was held in The Netherlands.

7. Linus Tech Tips

Linus Sebastian has been creating technology-based content since 2007. And since then, his channel grew into a massive production company where he’s able to employ multiple workers and hosts to produce tech reviews and other similar content. But his channel has extended from just reviewing new computers. He also does custom PC builds and creates awesome-looking battlestations for any gamer or someone who needs a productive workspace. But aside from being a content creator, Linus is also transparent about the business side of his channel. Especially when he announced that he invested nearly $225,000 in a startup tech company – Framework.

6. Wong Fu Productions

Despite YouTube’s push for longer watch times and consistent content, Wong Fu Productions can produce high-quality skits and online web series. If you haven’t heard of them, their content is influenced by K-Dramas, their everyday experiences, and other pop-culture IPs. Apart from making their own content, they have collaborated with other YouTubers, such as Ryan Higa to produce content different from that they’d usually upload.

5. Pewdiepie

Despite the constant controversy and drama surrounding this YouTuber, Pewdiepie is still the number one creator on the platform. The YouTuber has earned over 110 million subscribers, creating a variety of content from gaming, to vlogging, and reaction videos. Recently, fans described 2022 as ‘Pewdiepie’s retirement era’ as he and his wife moved to Japan with their dog. He stated in a video that he didn’t mind his channel being dethroned from the top spot by Mr. Beast and that the rising YouTuber deserves it. In the end, the guy is just living his best life overseas.

4. Gigguk

Speaking of OG YouTubers, Gigguk has been creating anime-centric YouTube videos since 2006. Gigguk took a break from content creation after he got a job at the BBC. But he returned to the platform in 2016, where he announced he was gonna give YouTube one more try for a year to see if it will work out or not. Eventually, he, along with Joey (aka The Anime Man), and Connor (aka CDawgVA) moved to Japan to work as online influencers for GeeXPlus and co-host the podcast, Trash Taste.

3. Blimey Cow

Blimey Cow is interesting. Despite being open about their religion and ‘some’ of their conservative beliefs, they managed to not be wholesome about it and use it in their comedy. Whether it’s being sheltered as a result of being homeschooled, the weird things that happen during church and youth group, or advising those similar to them, it’s done all in good…faith. And despite the number of times the YouTube meta has changed, they still continued to be themselves without abandoning their core morals. And the best part? They’ve been doing this since 2005. Never change Taylors, never change.

2. Game Theorist

Game Theory started as a simple channel where Matpat produced theories about popular video games. But since then, the channel has grown. Not only has it branched out to film and food theories in their separate channel, but it began to post theories from other obscure titles. Since then, the production of these theories has massively improved as the theorist team expanded. Some theories also include fans in hopes of pulling some loose ends together as a community.

1. Smosh

Ah, Smosh. One of the OG comedy channels still going strong to this day. Despite the multiple changes this channel has gone through (eg: Anthony Padilla’s departure), the channel added new members to the group. The channel has expanded from something filmed in the same house/neighborhood to a studio-like setup. And while not many people enjoy the new content, plenty of the old skits are still available to view on YouTube.

YouTube is changing and new content creators will emerge. But just because new faces are appearing on the platform, it doesn’t stop you from looking back and remembering those who were there from the start. These content creators walked so newer ones can soar. And while it’s sad to see some of them go and move on to other things, it’s nice to know some are still sticking around.

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