What Is Lana Rhoades’ Net Worth?

Lana Rhoades net worth
Photo via Lana Rhoades/YouTube

She may not be the biggest name on YouTube, but Lana Rhoades has become a household name among plenty of internet users. Her online history is relatively short compared to many creators, but that hasn’t stopped her from building up a hearty following between her social media channels.

On YouTube alone, Rhoades has more than 1 million subscribers. Add in her 16.5 million Instagram followers and 1.5 million Twitter followers and Rhodes boasts a virtual fanbase more than 19 million strong. Considering this young star is still in her mid-20s, her thriving career is even more impressive. Who knows how much higher she will have risen by the time Rhoades hits her 30s?

Rhoades has a history in adult film work, which has since burgeoned into a vibrant online career. After launching her career in adult films in 2016, Rhoades made a name for herself as one of the top actresses in the field. She won numerous awards, including “Best New Starlet” and “Hottest Newcomer,” and starred in a staggering 250 films despite only being in the professional industry for around a year. She also recently announced the impending launch of her new podcast via her Instagram page. The podcast will be titled “Empowered” and a precise release date has yet to be announced.

Between all of her popular social media channels, Rhoades makes the majority of her living online. Her YouTube channel, which was launched in 2019, only has four uploads on it, yet her page has already amassed more than 5 million views in total. 

Through the ad revenue these views return, Rhoades makes around $2,700 monthly on YouTube. This translates to around $40,500 a year through just her YouTube page. On the higher end, she may make closer to $73,000 a year from her YouTube earnings, particularly if she’s managed to secure any sponsors or partnerships over the years. Plus, thanks to her vibrant online following and her other career ventures—not to mention persistent paychecks from her adult film career—Rhoades’ net worth is much higher than her YouTube earnings alone might indicate.

Based on estimations from Net Worth Spot, the young star’s net worth is around $162,300. It is likely, however, that through her upcoming podcast, popular Instagram, and other money-making ventures, her actual net worth is somewhat higher. All things considered, Rhoades’ net worth likely comes in closer to $227,330, if not higher.