What Is Sssniperwolf’s Net Worth?

SSsniperwold net worth
Photo via sssniperwolf/YouTube

YouTube is dominated by creative minds, many of whom lean on humor or information to draw viewers into their channels. The vast majority of the platform’s top creators are male, leading to an often bare number of popular female stars among the app’s high-earners. Among those rare women to tackle the task of becoming a known presence on YouTube is Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, a popular content creator who’s carved out a comfortable niche among the platform’s favorite stars.

Shelesh, who typically goes by her username, SSSniperWolf, has been slowly building her following for years. Her YouTube channel, which first launched in early 2013, has since rocketed to popularity. The page now boasts more than 29.4 million subscribers, and videos on her page have earned upwards of 15 million views in total. 

SSSniperWolf’s typical uploads vary widely. She is known in the gaming community for her streaming uploads, which typically see her enjoying a bout of Minecraft, Fortnite: Battle Royale, Call of Duty or Among Us, but is known more widely on YouTube for her contributions to the platform’s humorous content. The majority of her videos see SSSniperWolf sharing viral stories with commentary, attempting life hacks, and simply uploading vlogs about her day-to-day life. She has also drummed up a solid following through her cosplaying, videos of which see her interpretation of numerous popular characters including Mario, DC’s Poison Ivy, and Bulma from Dragon Ball Z.

SSSniperWolf puts more time into her channel than many YouTube creators, as evidenced by her frequent uploads. While many creators upload fresh content every few days, a typical week sees SSSniperWolf putting out new videos almost daily. This hard work pays off in YouTube ad revenue, particularly considering SSSniperWolf’s consistent view count. Her typical daily upload gets a minimum of 1 million views, with many of her more popular videos rocketing to view counts in the tens of millions.

With all the ad revenue those consistent uploads bring in, SSSniperWolf makes an enviable living on YouTube. Thanks to her approximated 610.04 monthly views, the young YouTuber brings in around $36.6 million a year, according to estimates from NetWorthSpot. That’s on the lower end of the estimation, however, with the potential that—once you add in partnerships, sponsors, and donations, not to mention higher ad revenue—SSSniperWolf’s annual income could actually clock in closer to $65.88 million.

This robust yearly salary gives SSSniperWolf an estimated net worth of over $146 million. And considering that SSSniperWolf is still in her late 20s, and her content isn’t slowing down at all, that number is all but guaranteed to keep rising.