Why Does Corpse Husband Wear An Eyepatch?

Corpse Husband eyepatch
Photo via Corpse Husband/YouTube

While many YouTubers use various monikers to identify themselves online, actual anonymity among creators is rare. Many viral creators are known more by gamer tags or online identities than by their real names, but a bit of digging will quickly reveal their real identities. 

Fully anonymous YouTubers are few and far between. The internet goes too deep for obscurity to last long, which makes content creators like Corpse Husband—a YouTuber who’s been uploading anonymous content for years—exceedingly rare. Despite this, and the numerous attempts to discover the popular creator’s true identity, Corpse Husband has managed to keep his IRL identity and online world entirely separate. 

This has, of course, spurred innumerable questions about the popular creator’s behind-the-scenes life. His impressive YouTube following—the streamer has amassed more than 7.58 million subscribers since his channel launched in 2015—has sparked numerous burning questions about Corpse Husband over the years.

The biggest of these questions predictably surround the streamer’s IRL identity. People are curious about Corpse Husband’s real name, age, and career, and numerous viewers are desperate to learn what he looks like. His notably deep voice and creepy avatar spurred fans to conjure their own images of Corpse Husband, but the streamer has yet to purposely unveil his face or share details about his life.

Another question eating away at fans involves the eyepatch that Corpse Husband supposedly wears. Following mention of an eyepatch during live streams, fans began digging for any information they could find. Namely, people wanted to know if Corpse Husband actually wears an eyepatch, and why. 

Based on several comments from Corpse Husband over the years, it seems as though he has worn an eyepatch in the past. Whether or not it is a constant addition to his attire or an occasional accessory is less clear, but in one live stream the creator mentioned that he had been “wearing an eye patch for weeks.” He also noted that he wears some kind of face covering “24/7,” according to the Sun, and compared himself to Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul, a character often referred to as “eyepatch” who is typically seen with a mask covering his lower face. 

This could mean that Corpse Husband wears the eyepatch as an accessory, or that he wears one due to medical necessity. Some fans have theorized that the latter is more likely, due to several mentions from Corpse Husband of his battles with chronic illness. These mentions, along with notes about how bright screens affect his vision, have led a number of fans to theorize that whatever chronic illness Corpse Husband is struggling with may be contributing to his need for an eyepatch.