YouTube drama unravels as creator Kristy Glass disappears following criticism of Michelle Obama

Kristy Glass, known for her YouTube knitting tutorials, has found herself in a swirl of controversy following her criticism of Michelle Obama’s recent appearance on the cover of Vogue Knitting magazine. Glass criticized the former first lady for her choice of a non-knitwear outfit and the magazine’s choice to “flip” the photo used, resulting in Ms. Obama’s wedding ring appearing on the wrong finger.

Glass’s comments have engendered debates within the knitting community and beyond with many, including fellow members of her community and collaborators, calling the social media influencer disrespectful.

Glass has since apologized on her Instagram, stating she, “mаde а mistаke by criticizing the cover’s editoriаl choices, questioning the lаck of knitweаr аnd flipping the imаge so her rings were on the right hаnd insteаd of the left. I now reаlize thаt insteаd of questioning аnything аbout the cover, I should hаve just enjoyed it.”

However, that post has now vanished as Glass has deleted her Instagram account as well as the YouTube channel that initially brought her to fame.

With many fans questioning whether Glass will return to social media, some are categorizing her disappearance as the result of a pattern of behavior, notably with POC members of the online knitting community. Two prominent POC yarn dyers in the community, have both commented negatively on Glass’s behavior in the past. Many have аccused the YouTuber of chаrging vendors to аppeаr on her YouTube chаnnel. Glass has faced similar controversy recently, having been described as problematic following a series of interactions with online knitter Adella Colvin, who is a woman of color. Glass had Colvin on her channel but the issue did not seem to come to any resolution, with Colvin posting the following video on her Instagram following the episode’s release on YouTube. (CW Profanity)

Thus far, Glass has offered no statements other than her now-deleted apology statement on Instagram. It remains to be seen if she will attempt to return to social media.