8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

battlefield 4   paracel storm 3 large verge medium landscape 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

You would imagine that being employed as a games tester is a pretty sweet existence. Sitting around, playing unreleased triple-A games all day long, only occasionally stopping to eat some Cheetos. And then, after your day is over, going home to play some more games. Now obviously I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, the life of a games tester is actually pretty appalling. I mean, not like ‘Victorian child factory-labourer’ bad, but still kind of dismal.

What you’re essentially required to do, is break games. And not even amazing games in the first place, unless you’re very lucky indeed. Basically, what you’re going to be doing, 9 times out of 10, is sit in a dark room, spamming the ‘jump’ button on some miserable child-friendly platform game before collating a large, tedious report of any bugs that happened to occur. Hour after hour. Level after level.

In a way then, these brave people are martyrs, sacrificing their gaming enjoyment for the sake of ours. We owe them a lot, certainly, but sometimes they miss a few things. Or the developers didn’t have the time or the money to fix them, or perhaps even the inclination. Not everyone likes their job, even in the heady and exciting world of gaming. So here then, for whatever reason, are the seven crappiest, most broken games that somehow ever got released.

Click on to see the unfinished horrors that people like you actually paid to play…


8) Sonic the Hedgehog – 2006

sonic the hedgehog 2006  g mod by supersmashbrosgmod d4emws5 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

Back at 2005, SEGA’s legendary programmer Yuji Naka made a big announcement at E3. There was to be a new, cross-platform Sonic game released as part of the franchise’s 15th anniversary. Everyone was delighted, and there was dancing in the streets. Then, a few months after this, Yuji Naka made a second announcement. He was resigning from the development team. Everyone was fearful, and there was riots on the streets.

Well, maybe not riots on the streets, but there was definitely soon to be some on the forums. Sonic ’06, as it was dubbed, became a programming race against time after various developmental disasters, and what we were left with was a game so chock full of bugs that it basically resembled an Amazonian tribesman’s dinner plate.

Glitching through scenery, disappearing characters, animation issues, a completely useless camera – Sonic ’06 was a library of sloppy design. It was reported at the time that due to time constraints when making the game, the developers began to flat out ignore the (increasingly large) bug reports of the various testers.

There’s a lesson to be learned here somewhere. Something about SEGA insisting on still making Sonic games, probably.

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7) Battlefield 4 – 2013

A pertinent one for me, being the world’s biggest fan of the series. The sheer scope and freedom of this next-gen titan just about makes it one of the finest shooters ever made – on paper. You can hijack a jet in mid-air, take enemies out with a sniper rifle from the other side of a two mile map, collapse entire Chinese skyscrapers, utilise seemingly endless amounts of military tech, and all with 63 other people from around the globe at once. That is to say, you could do those things, if only you could get into a match. Around about the time of Battlefield: Bad Company, I’d read the words “cannot connect to EA Online” so many times I ended up accidentally saying them at my wedding, instead of the more traditional “I do”.

The real shame, of course, is that Electronic Arts have had several years since that game’s release to get it right, and they consistently haven’t. A quick glace at the Battlefield 4 Facebook page will show up a near endless stream of red-hot bile, being spewed forth by people who spent $60 (or in Premium cases, $100+) on what is effectively a drab menu screen.

Even now, after several patches (and grovelling apologies), there’s still plenty of nonsense occurring on the field. Soldiers floating around with completely static legs, or getting killed by people who themselves appear to have 0% health, for example. Not to mention the various sound issues – especially upsetting as Battlefield 4 has the most glorious audio you’ll ever hear. But DICE have five platforms of this game to work on, so I do kind of feel sorry for them. And I do still love the game, especially as I equip my rocket-launcher whilst quad-biking towards an- YOU HAVE LOST CONNECTION TO THE SESSION.

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6) Superman 64 – 1999

Superman 64 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

Diabolical. Simply diabolical.

No, not Lex Luthor’s plans for world domination, but rather the careless and frankly putrid game that N64 owners like myself had to endure in the late 90s. It was completely and utterly awful, there’s no doubt about it, though it would have been exactly 0% better had it actually worked. If you bought this game as a young man desperate to live out your Superman fantasies, you were in for a rude surprise.

Unless, of course, you fantasised not about saving the world, but about flying through misty grey air, or into dull grey buildings, or picking up indistinct grey cars – but I’m sure you didn’t, because you’re a normal human being. The game also had the unnecessarily nasty habit of throwing you in at the deep end, giving you no time to learn the controls before hastily flashing your objectives up on the screen like they were subliminal advertising. It couldn’t have made you feel less super, in fact, and endlessly getting your tights snagged on bits of scenery is pretty much the last straw for any superhero wannabe.

Developer Titus, it seemed, actually hated us. The kind of strong, borderline irrational hate that you or I would feel if we looked at a photo of Paris Hilton for too long. Or played Superman 64. Which is surprising, because it wasn’t a few years earlier that they actually delivered some rad old Amiga 500 games such as Prehistorik and Fire and Forget.

OK, they weren’t that great either…

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5) Ashes Cricket 2013 – 2013

Ashes Cricket 2013 fail 640x360 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

Cricket is one hell of a boring game. And that’s coming from a golf enthusiast. But there’s no denying it appeals to plenty, and the sport itself is a big business. It makes sense then, that fans would highly anticipate a game that promises to accurately and excitingly represent it. Can you guess what happened next? Of course you can. And it was such a big story that it even made the headlines.

BBC News reported that “The official video game for the Ashes cricket tour has been pulled from sale after gamers branded it shameful, embarrassing and farcical.” And those gamers were not wrong. The AI was basically a joke, with players jarringly shifting about the field like they were learning the rules of cricket as they played. There wasn’t even a catching animation, and with catching being one of the three main things to do in a cricket game, you knew from the start this was never going to fly.

So bad was it that Steam pulled it from online sale after just four days, the Facebook page was deleted, the future console versions were abandoned, and developer 505 Games apologised and issued refunds to those unfortunate enough to have purchased it. A colossal disaster that should never have even happened, and a lesson to publishers everywhere. Except they still keep doing it…

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4) Fallout: New Vegas – 2010

Fallout New Vegas glitch 640x360 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

Ever since its 3D iteration, the Fallout games (and iron-age cousin The Elder Scrolls) have sadly become synonymous with bugs. Not a virtual day goes by in the wastelands when you don’t come across some weird problem with character appendages, broken dialogue, or generally insane goings on. It’s been argued on more than one occasion that glitches like this are actually part of what makes the games so fun, and that removing them would remove part of the charm. The problem with that of course, is it’s kind of right.

Have you ever typed the words Fallout into a YouTube search engine without the suffix ‘funny glitches’? I’d wager not. It’s a complex dichotomy though, if you’re delighted to be paying for something that you hope isn’t quite built properly. I’d certainly question that logic if was boarding a plane, for example.

It all came to a head when New Vegas was released and literally the very first thing you saw in the game was defective – a man’s opening dialogue being spoiled somewhat by his peculiar rotating head (check it out below). Again, hilarious, but when you’ve just shelled out $60 on a post-nuclear survival thriller, “hilarious” is probably not what you were hoping for.

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3) Ultima IX – 1999

Ultima IX bug 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

We’ve just about come full circle now, because Ultima, much-beloved and heavily lauded role-playing game, is Ultima-tely (ha!) responsible for the problems with EA Online (see: item 7). Fans were outraged when the series took such a critical misstep, and developer Origin soon met their demise after, with EA shutting them down and acquiring the name for their now infamous online services.

So just what was so bad about this installment, after a successful previous eight? Well firstly, it must be noted that, for the time at least, it did require a comparatively high-end PC, as it was the first game to feature 3D polygon rendering. But even with that, there was no disguising the infestation of bugs that would halt players progress. Save game corruptions, routine crashes and broken quests all requiring that you start over, and all meaning that a game you should spend hours immersing yourself in rarely let you have 10 minutes alone with it. I even spoke to one player who genuinely maintains that it took him nine years to eventually make it through to the end.

A group of dedicated fans even set up a community entitled Ultima: The Reconstruction that sought to fix not only the broken game, but even the aspects of the story that they felt didn’t fit in with the original instalments. It’s good to have a hobby.

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2) Ride to Hell: Retribution – 2013

Ride to Hell fail 648x360 8 Unbelievably Broken Games That Somehow Got Released

Check this out for a storyline: a biker gang member’s brother gets murdered by members of a rival biker gang, who then seeks vengeance upon them. And if you think that’s good, wait till you hear the dialogue. I’m talking choice snippets of raw, emotional power, such as “He sowed seeds of distrust, and made fun of the dead!” and “Let me show you what a mechanic can really do, this girl can do more than just start an engine…”.

But Ride to Hell is not on this list because it’s a scripting abomination, it’s here because it’s utterly wrecked. Playing through it, it almost feels like it’s being held together simply by the disc that it’s on. As if the developers somehow poured a bunch of melted data onto a plate and let it cool into a vague disc shape. Even something as simple as motorbiking from point A to point B is like some kind of hideous torture as the road literally disappears from beneath you, leaving you to fall into oblivion. Occasionally random bits of the game’s internal code will pop up onto the screen telling you “GateOpen”, whatever that means, or that “all enemies in the area are dead”, even though you’re currently engaged in combat.

So what’s going on? In truth, no one knows. What people do seem to be in agreement on, however, is that Ride to Hell: Retribution certainly lives up to the initial part of its title. As for the retribution? Well, there’s some pretty hilarious sex scenes later on in the game, assuming you hate yourself enough to play that far into it. Even the makers of the game, Eutechnyx, do not list or reference it in any way on their own website.

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1) Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing – 2003

Historically one of the most boring games ever created, Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing somehow managed the double accolade of also being the most broken. In fact, it’s debatable as to whether or not Russian developer Stellar Stone even finished making it. The concept is definitely something I can get on board with, though. It’s pretty much Ice Road Truckers, if there was no ice. And the Ice Road Truckers had to have some badass race, for some reason. Who wouldn’t want to play that?

As it turns out, everyone. Because wow. If you were to make a list of every conceivable balls-up a racing game could have, then purposely put those things into a game, you’d pretty much have Over The Road Racing. You’d imagine, for example, that a pretty standard feature for a racing game (or indeed any game) would be some sound. Well go elsewhere for that, you decadent capitalist! Don’t expect to collide with objects either, you’ll just be drifting straight through them.

But what about some other basic physics, like slowing down when you drive uphill? No, sir. But surely slowing down when you drive up a completely vertical mountain? Forget it. How about if the other truck you’re lined up with at the start actually, you know, races you in this racing game? No, that’ll just remain stationary forever. It’s staggering. And to cap it all off? It seems Stellar Stone forgot to put a top speed cap on the reverse gear, so not only was your truck faster driving backwards, it could also shatter the laws of the universe by reaching 190 billion MPH.

Still sold 20,000 copies though.

What’s the most shambolic pile of code you’ve ever paid for? Should developers be held accountable? Let us know below!

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  • DB N

    To think, I was sure ET and/or Cheetahman/Action 52 was going to show up. Good post.

    I bought a copy of Dead or Alive 4 for 360 that doesnt load up further than the character select screen; but mine has to be a turd in the rough because I haven’t heard of any else having this problem.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks! Couldn’t face putting E.T. in there though, it was barely even a game. More like an interactive disease.

  • Bob

    No Sonic 06? Big surprise

    • Ciarán Utting

      haha yeah very true. Shoehorning the Havok physics engine into a Sonic game was never going to end well.

  • Mr West

    Funny article! So true about BF, that game made me rage when it first came out. Specially as it was like the only game I had on th new Xbox apart from Fifa

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks man. And thanks for sharing your pain with me. We’re kindred spirits now.

  • Jeremy

    I personally think that Dark Void and LAIR should be here also. Great article tho!

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks Jeremy. To be honest, LAIR didn’t even cross my mind. Maybe I’ll write a sequel article!

  • Fox9er

    Sonic 06?

    • Ciarán Utting

      You should hang out with Bob from down there ⇩

  • Senor Pez

    How does this list not include X: Rebirth? More like X: Stillbirth.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Haha! Outstanding.

  • Vittorio

    How was Sonic 06 not on here. You know. With all of those glitches. Like getting stuck in a wall, or being able to levitate a box as Sonic by standing on it and kicking it. Then the miscalculations on the jumps where, if you don’t get it jUST RIGHT, you die? Then there’s the fact that Elise and Sonic seemed to have a romantic relationship…?

    • Ciarán Utting

      Personally, I found their hinted-at lust powerfully erotic.

    • Paul Raso

      Even odder, Sega released it without beta testing

    • Nathan Kinney

      You forgot falling off loops and dying during scripted sequences

    • Khalil Young

      Sonic 06 didn’t have game breaking bugs at least. You were able to beat it, most of the glitches just caused you petty deaths at the most and a lot were avoidable if you watch a playthrough people can make the game look almost sound in terms of control. Almost. It’s a bad game but it is nowhere near broken to the point of these games.

  • Charlie B

    Sims 3 should have been #1. Without mods, that game is useless.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I couldn’t because the Sims patch notes are always hilarious whenever they update it. Eg. Sims can no longer “Try for a Baby” with the Grim Reaper.

  • Hateful Sight

    Hi, hello. I was going to kill myself tonight, but I have read your article and they made me laugh, made me feel happy.
    I have decided to die two days from now, thank you for that (:

    • Pingurules

      So why do you want to die?

    • Charlotte

      I don’t know if this comment was meant to be a joke, but I’m going to err on the side of taking you seriously and ask you to please reconsider.
      If it means anything at all, I don’t want you to kill yourself. If it means anything at all, I’m thinking of you and I’m glad that you are alive.

    • Ciarán Utting

      This is great news. We Got This Covered said they’d like to publish a bunch more of my shitty scribblings, so keep checking back and I’ll try and keep you alive for a lot longer.

    • Charlotte

      Checking in again with you; I’m thinking of you.

    • Charlotte

      I hope it’s ok that I’m replying again. I hope you are still with us.

      • giznad138

        I think he killed himself. RIP Hateful Sight. :(

        • Charlotte

          I hope not. I think I’ll keep checking in for a while longer, so he/she knows that he/she is important.

    • Zachary Carlini

      don’t do that.

    • Charlotte

      I haven’t given up on you; I hope you haven’t given up on you.

    • Charlotte

      I hope you have found it within you to keep living. I won’t reply anymore, but I’ll keep thinking about you.

    • Ben Statham

      Probably for the best…

  • Cpt_Spaulding

    Stronghold 3 was a joke.

    • Ciarán Utting

      100% accurate.

  • Jack Veras Lara

    Such a fun article to read, your sense of humor is great! I would enjoy reading more of your articles!

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks for the kind words, Jack. There’s plenty more on the way, keep an eye out!

  • shane b

    I agree with the list with the exception of the list lacking that guitar game “gig something-or-another”? Forgive me for not knowing the name but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I do, and you’re right. It stinks.

    • SharkSocks

      Power Gig: Rise of the Sixstring. I got that game for free and I wanted compensation just for playing it. It was so laughably bad and nearly unplayable. It was upsetting that me, someone who regularly 5 stars stuff on expert on music games could be failing on this. The songs chosen for it were great, too. Just, you know, horrible game.

  • Ben Filley

    how about any of the nba2k titles? absolutely abhorrent. try them sometime, they are maddening to anyone who enjoys basketball. or, how about some of the madden titles while were talking about maddening.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I once asked someone how many quarters made up a game of basketball. This is why I’m not allowed to comment on the games.

      • Punkindrublic1

        Would have been funnier if you had said “How many quarters in a hockey game” :P

  • Glaciusx

    Superman 64….*shudders*

    • Ciarán Utting

      I know, gross isn’t it.

      • Dj readman

        That game was not broken, it just basically, shit, or complete and utter damned to hell, fucking utter shit,,that’s better,lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/redflamefox Red Flame Fox

    Superman 64 was a very bad port of an unreleased PlayStation 1 version of it (which, looking at the leaked trailer, was looking very good for PS1, and it wasn’t just “following rings”)

    • Ciarán Utting

      Thanks for the info, Parappa. I genuinely had no idea about that.

      • Talea Fraemohs-Mitchell

        Also, Warner Brothers was largely responsible for the general crappiness of the game, due to them being helicopter parents to the overworked developers. I can’t remember much details, but I do remember they consistently wanted updates on how the game was progressing, and were very specific about what kind of missions he could go on. (i.e. They decided Superman shouldn’t be able to hit “real people,” they shouldn’t portray too much violence, etc. which left the designers with not a lot to work with.

  • scir91onYouTube

    most fun “broken” game of all time is street fighter 2 rainbow edition. many of us kids played that for days on end after school in pizza and candy stores across usa in 1992/93. guile’s sonic booms and ken’s hadouken’s would fill up the screen while blanka changed into zangief and did a spinning pile driver going through the bottom and top screens a few times. hilarious and FUN! THAT is how you break a game the right way!

    • Ciarán Utting

      Your childhood is a dream

  • Shubhendu Singh

    Okay…That Fallout Glitch video spooked me a little.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Good luck sleeping tonight

  • Bankhead23

    They need to hurry and fix bf4 cause I had to restart the campaign over today because of error codes

    • Ciarán Utting

      Yeah, I share your pain. Had to restart the 360 campaign twice. Didn’t even bother with the Xbox One campaign.

  • nikitagram

    what about Ghostbusters? thats one game everyone used to have and no one knew what do do with that, it was so fucked up!

    • Ciarán Utting

      Oh my God, I completely forgot about that game! I had it on the Amiga 500 I think, not a bloody clue what was going on.

      • Ash

        I had a chance to get it on playstation glad I didn’t now

  • Alex Pendragon

    Not sure EA has had “several years to fix the game since release”. I’m not sure if “this year” and “last year” count when it’s actually just 5 months. ;-)

    • Ciarán Utting

      I was referring to their servers/ the battlefield franchise as a whole, which is consistently released broken.

  • Brandon

    While i understand why its here, I still must say that New vegas, as well as nearly all Bethesda games (I know New Vegas was made by Obsidian, but still) are some of the funnest games out there, despite the bugs.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I agree, they’re great games all considered.

    • oblivion328

      New Vegas was a great game after they patched it, but I wouldn’t say that excuses them for releasing it in such a broken state.

      • gtox11

        My issue with Fallout/Elder Scrolls is that, it seems at least, that Bethesda is relying on player mods to “fix” their games a bit too much.

        While one might say that mods are just fun alternatives to the vanilla gameplay, when there is a list of “100 must-have mods” I feel that that is showing that there is at least 100 pieces of the game that some random player was able to make better than the developers. That, to me, is a big problem.

        But in fairness though, they are fun games in general. I just wish the old school development was still around when games released when they were done cooking, not when the publisher demands the return on their investment (even if it means a broken mess and only 50% of the potential profits).

  • Douglas Duda

    My simple way of describing my hate for bf 4 is that battlefield 3 was super good before they patched it to shit. BF4 sucks right outa the gate. How does someone live with 1 hp? im less than 20 feet away shooting a sig rifle into his back and he lives with 1 hp turns around and kills me. wtf? other times its less obvious but still stupidly bad gameplay. If your going to deal with guns in games make them ALL dangerous not just the ASSAULT class guns. ALSO SOME PEOPLE GO PLAY MEAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER FUCKING good game that most people Never tried. AND honestly balanced pretty damn well.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Warfighter won’t let you spawn on people who are being shot at. For that reason alone it should have been GOTY

      • Douglas Duda

        There was a lot of good things they did in the game. For whatever reason most people did not like the multiplayer. I loved it. Sadly now there are too few who play it. ALTHOUGH I will say Ghosts was better than I had expected. This years BF vs COD goes to COD.

        • Tucker

          Lol Call of Duty is like in its downfall finally, and MoH was only good when they did WWII games in my opinion. BF4 is like some money I wasted lol, BF2 and 1942 will always be the best.

  • Kaihaku

    Well played. I was going to make fun of this list for having nothing I’d touch but then you included Ultima IX.

    • Ciarán Utting

      I’m glad we’re cool

  • Jen Klodd

    For the first time ever, someone is honest about Fallout : New Vegas.

    The only reason why this game found success is the elitist community of Bethesda Softworks “fans”. This game ruined the licence and was shit from the beginning to the end.

    • Ciarán Utting

      You’re alright, Jen. You’re allllllllright

    • therealstateofplay

      Total rubbish,it was a great game. You’re clearly one of the “trendy” fan types who just slate popular games for trifling bandwagon-hopping issues. You’re just as bad as the elitist softworks “fans” you criticize.

    • Multiscoop

      I found it to be fantastic! It is very bug-ridden, but it is a good game, when you look at it objectively.

  • Robert

    I would take battlefield 4 of the list because every issues in the game have been patched and fixed on xbox one

    • Ciarán Utting

      I played it for about 3 hours last night, and I beg to differ…

      • meek

        Are you playing on a next gen or other? I seem to have no problems with multiplayer just the story on ps4( and my problem on story had to do with the cloud saving)

        • Ciarán Utting

          My experiences are based on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions. Though I believe there is another patch for the latter today.

  • failsafe65

    None of the fallout games had any bugs for me

    • Ciarán Utting

      You may very well be the luckiest man alive.

    • Talea Fraemohs-Mitchell

      I know, same here! It’s weird. Everyone else is complaining about how buggy the game is and I’m just sitting here, sipping Mountain Dew and keeping quiet about the fact that that game is what made me a Bethesda fan.

    • Guest

      Lol that wasn’t Fallout you were playing then.

    • Ben Statham

      What a blatant LIAR!

  • Cuckoo

    What? No Daggerfall??

    • Ciarán Utting

      Maybe next time. People are coming up with some pretty good suggestions.

  • Izlude

    I played Legends of Equestria a few weeks back, first thing I did was break the game, unintentionally. I have a knack for these things you see. I love exploring and exploiting by nature (games that is). I fell through the floor, appeared upside down, you name it. I’m not a tester, but wouldn’t mind the job.

    Games I’ve broke in the past include WoW, Maple Story, Hello Kitty Online, Fusion Fall, Diablo games, Legends of Equestria recently… it’s hilarious xD

  • ZacIsCool

    Do iOS gams count? Because I have a game called knightskape. It was fine at first, but it just got more glitchy as I played. It started with just bad gesture recognition. Then I started clipping through the floor and dying. Soon I started to get levels unlocked before they were supposed to. On the last level, you have to kill a dragon. I fought and killed him, but when I did, his health bar went away, as did my controls, so I could not move or attack, but instead of dying he just stated there and killed me, and since I couldn’t move or fight I just had to sit there and lose.

  • jenssons

    where is skyrim

    • Ciarán Utting

      Lumped in with Fallout

  • Lewis rust

    What about Aliens- colonial marines ?

    • Ciarán Utting

      That wasn’t really broken, just incredibly fucking bad.

  • evansusmc

    Superman for N64 was not a broken game. You just had to have REALLY good skill to control superman in flight. Unfortunately I did not have this skill :(

    • Ciarán Utting

      Apparently only Superman has the necessary powers to actually complete this Superman game. Ironic.

  • http://venomgraphics.x10.mx/ James Headrick

    I still remember paying full price for Superman 64. And Shaq Fu.

    Never. Again.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Shaq Fu! What a colossal piece of shit. I paid full price too.

  • Michael Angelo Ortiz

    The big rig one cracks me the hell up. Shattered time and space

    • Ciarán Utting

      It’s really something.

  • Michael Angelo Ortiz

    The Fallout one had me super weak too

  • Newbie13

    How’s the Steam version of genesis rising not here?

    • Ciarán Utting

      Because I didn’t put it in the list.

      • Newbie13

        I mean, most people can’t get it to start without crashing, and the few that has managed to start it has problems with the first ship you get (that’s needed to complete the first level) not appearing making the first level impossible. Also, many people have problems with that the textures don’t load. Also, the games website is just a couple of ads.

  • Tom Bourner

    One of the most enjoyable articles I have read in sometime, my missus thought I was high I was laughing so hard, especially the last one thanks for brightening up my day.

    • Ciarán Utting

      Whoever you are, Tom Bourner, and where ever you lay your head, know that I appreciate this comment.

  • Wraithkiller

    The witcher 2 enhanced edition for the xbox 360 is a very glitchy game at the end. In chapter 3 I was invincible for most or all of it when I started from a old save and at random times the floors would disappear or the walls would twist. Also when I got to the Dragon on Roche’s path on the second part of the fight it was ether invincible or the health bar wouldn’t move.

  • BLah

    Uhh no Two Worlds? Dafuq? It’s the only game I’ve had to return for being so broken.

    • Ciarán Utting

      whats a dafuq

  • Danny

    Or how about more recently, Madden 25 for the PS4. When you are doing a career mode with a created character the announcers keep saying over and over you just made your first, first down of your career, when I finished the game with about 12+ first downs… Or the PC version of NBA2K13, the headless players?

    • Ciarán Utting

      Yeah, I’ve seen this. It doesn’t look good that next-gen is off to such a buggy start.

  • Blake Wigert

    Where is Dr. Muto? That game is great but it actually cannot be 100%’d (totally not a word) becasue of stage changes in the water world of the game, you can’t reach the collectables because they are inside the walls

  • Benjamin Jimenez

    that never happened to me on Fallout: New Vegas


    wait…that truck game wasnt just a piss take? IT WAS AN ACTUAL MARKETED GAME?!?!?

  • xoxo

    “The Good Life” was the buggiest game ever and had no end at all.

  • Marcus

    Duke Nukem Forever, anyone?

  • https://twitter.com/Firehawk305 Garrus Vakarian

    Disagreeing with Fallout New Vegas. I’ve logged a lot of hours on that game, and never had that issue, or any similar.

  • Jonny Nine Toes

    “Countdown Vampires” for the original PS. That’s definitely my favorite POS game. Complete Resident Evil rip off, with even worse voice acting (hard to imagine, isn’t it?), an uber-lame story (the premise was cool, though…), spelling errors, bland dialog, cats and dogs living together… If there was a “half-ass” award, I believe this game would have gotten several. There were a few touted features in the promo commercial that were no where to be found in the actual game. It seems like this game must have been well into development when the whole dev team suddenly lost enthusiasm for it.

  • dylaxius

    the one game i was surprised wasn’t on here was skyrim. this game had so much glitches it wasn’t even funny, like if you wanted, and tried hard enough, you could run up any mountain as long as you kept walking towards it and occasionally found a ledge to step on to. or getting flung about 25 miles into the air from one
    hit by a giant.

  • Zach Carter

    I never experienced Doc Mitchell’s rolling head in New Vegas, but I have to say I feel deprived as a result. That was HILARIOUS. Awesome topic, I laughed my ass off.

  • likalaruku

    Before I even read it, I’m guessing Big Rigs Over the Road Racing, Daikatana, Superman 64, Aquaman Battle for Atlantis, Crazy Bus, Charlie’s Angels, Bubsy 3D, Virtual Hydlide, Ultima 9, Elder Scrolls Daggerfall, anything by Phoenix Games (Dalmations 3, Animal Soccer World), anything in the FIFA or Skate series, most if not all of the greenlit Simulation games on Steam (the Vinesauce crew loves to cover these), Myst Riven, a good chunk of FMV games, Pizza Dude, & Jurassic Park Tresspasser.

  • Corey Kelly

    Though New Vegas had its quirks and crazy glitches. Most of the time they didnt hinder your progress or break the game. In a world where you’re constantly being chased by Deathclaws and gigantic ants, a few hilarious glitches here and there seem to break up the constant fear of turning around and getting swatted 500 ft in the air.

  • Ben Statham

    EVERYTHING by Bethesda is broken for a full year after release. FACT.

  • Basil Ashgora

    For the Super Man 64 one:

    “Developer Titus, it seemed, actually hated us.” Actually you are very incorrect. In fact Titus did an interview with some people who said, becuase DC wanted a specific type of game they were limited in what they could do. Further more, the game wasn’t suppose to be played as if you were in a simulator which is ultimately what DC ended up making Titus do upon release. They were going to do a full fledged world. Just goes to show how some things aren’t for the best of everyone…

  • Basil Ashgora

    Also regarding Ultima 9: Ascension, it wasn’t the only Ultima game that was bugged, Ultima 8: Pagan was pretty bad. If you want to see just how bad they botched it, look up The Spoony Experiment’s take on the Ultima series. Funny shit.

  • Noiz3yBoyy

    You mean -190 million right?

  • Huey

    Wheres Arkham Origins?

  • Higuide

    i know from experience from day one about bf4′s glitches, i never really complained about the glitches except the one that reset the battlepack unlocks can reopen them again only certain items where kept it was repeatable. i abused the hell out of that glitch. i pretty much have a month worth of hours of xp boost to this day. i ended up with more unlocks than i lost. when they fixed it the next day, i ended up with all unlocks that got reset like 95% camo unlocks, good collection battlepack attachments for guns nobody unlocked (yet at the time) i pretty much have a month worth of hours of xp boost to this day even using 1 every match i enter since.

  • jaden

    yes we all know that bf4 is still broken as hell.

  • xxninjatubbyxx

    I dont understand why Bf4 was in this. I like bf4. never experienced glitches.

  • Chris

    Wanted to say great article it had me laughing and also brought back various pissed off memories of game play as well as sadness wondering why video game companies were out to torture me with games like Superman 64.

    If I remember correctly if you want to go even further back in time there was also Indiana Jones and ET for the Atari 2600 which are a highlighted topic at this time due to the land fill.

    Both were broken in their own ways…

    E.T. was actually so bad that hackers modified the ROM to fix the game though.

  • JohnClark_R6

    Honorable mention Modern Warfare 2. Even though I had a blast playing it, the glitches and hacked lobbies were out of control.

  • adamwhitley

    I’d add Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. So disappointing.

  • gtox11

    I bought BF4 and played the single player missions for an hour. It was okay, and was as entertaining as I had expected it to be.

    I decided to try out the multiplayer, and at first I sat at a forever loading screen. Closed the game and reopened. Started another match, finally got through the loading screen, and then (before I could even pick a side and join the game) I was kicked out of the server by PunkBuster. I tried again on another server, and same result. This happened about six times.

    Thankfully BF4 (for some inexplicable reason) is labeled on Origin as a Guaranteed Great Game, and so I was able to get a refund since I was within the 24 hour window.

    I was thankful that it took less than 24 hours to realize that that game was a piece of junk.

    Just recently I bought Dark Souls 2…. *sigh*…


    Swords and Sandals 5