5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

MOS 39528C 540x360 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

With the success of the Marvel cinematic universe over at Disney, it seems almost certain that Warner Bros. will have to build a cinematic universe around their DC properties. It’d be foolish not to, especially with how passionately fans want to see a multi-character universe. While Christopher Nolan shied away from alluding to character’s outside of Batman lore, Zack Snyder did not share that philosophy when it came to Man Of Steel. Thankfully, he didn’t sink to the level of directly copying Marvel’s method with a post-credit scene to reveal future plans, but rather provided a series of smart clues for fans to dissect.

That dissection is what I’ve attempted to do. If all goes well, it seems Snyder’s film is going to be the first of many connected DC movies, so it was safe to assume there would be some hints at what is to come. I was able to spot 5 main Man Of Steel Easter Eggs that may reveal something about where Warner’s DC films are headed. These all could be nothing more than fun bonuses for DC fans, but they could also all be direct references to what Snyder has planned.

So, read on to see 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs that may hint at future DC films.


Wayne Enterprises

Wayne Enterprises Logo 550x360 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

We reported on this Easter Egg a few days ago when Snyder discussed it in an interview, and it’s a good thing that word leaked then, because the logo is on screen for barely any time at all. If you missed it, the Wayne Enterprises logo is on the side of a satellite that Superman and Zod are fighting on during their epic final battle.

So what does it mean? Is it merely Synder’s small way of saying thanks to Nolan for producing the film, or does it mean Bruce Wayne is alive and well in Snyder’s DC universe.

It seems fairly safe to assume the latter considering if nothing goes wrong, this film will be the cornerstone of Justice League and other DC movies to come, and Batman will likely be a key part of those films. The real question is whether Bruce Wayne has already assumed his alter-ego of Batman or if he’s simply enjoying the life of a billionaire playboy.

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Blaze Comics

Blaze Comics Easter Egg in Man of Steel 670x275 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

Another Easter Egg that was online before the film premiered was the reference to Blaze Comics. In the picture above you’ll see that the logo in the background is almost indistinguishable. In fact, it’s so hazy that it may not actually say Blaze Comics at all, but let’s assume we’re reading that right.

If that does say Blaze Comics, it’s a direct reference to Booster Gold, a man from the 25th century, who manages to travel back in time and despite not having any real powers, is able to fight crime due to the futuristic gadgets he has. Blaze Comics prints a series of Booster Gold comics in order to help popularize the hero who is in it as much for the fame as he is for moral obligation.

Booster Gold wouldn’t be most people’s first pick for who should get his own film or who would be a core member of the Justice League, but there’s no doubt that he’s an interesting character. Setting the stage for him now, however slightly, means he could be on the way soon.  

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character bio 576 supergirl 568x360 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

When Clark is investigating the ship under the ice, he notices a pod with a dead body in it, and then sees a pod that is open, with no body inside. So obviously someone opened up that pod and was able to escape, but just who was it?

Well one pick that definitely makes sense is Supergirl. Warner is definitely going to want to bring in some strong female heroes moving forward, and just Wonder Woman isn’t going to cut it, especially when it comes to dealing with that complex backstory. If DC is to introduce a character like Supergirl, who shares a relatively similar backstory as Superman, that means less time can be spent explaining.

Another thing that makes Supergirl seem likely is the digital comic that comes with a pre-order of the Man Of Steel Blu-ray. That comic details the origin of Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. While her appearance in the comic by no means ensures she’ll show up in a future movie, it sure does make it seem a lot more likely.

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%name 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

The most famous of all Superman villains, Lex Luthor, does not make any appearance in Man Of Steel, but that doesn’t mean he’s not out there somewhere scheming.

A couple weeks ago Snyder discussed how he thinks Henry Cavill’s Superman needs to have his story further developed before Warner should think about making the Justice League film. When talking about that, he mentioned the infamous Luther being out there somewhere, showing that Lex is indeed on his mind.

In Man Of Steel “LexCorp” can be seen atop one of the skyscrapers and emblazoned on the side of a few tanker trucks. This was one of the more prominent Easter Eggs Snyder dropped in, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Lex’s starring role as a villain is coming our way very soon.

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Carol Faerris?

Farris 5 Man Of Steel Easter Eggs That May Hint At Future DC Films

Remember that girl at the end who said that she thinks Superman is “kinda hot”? Did you catch the name on her uniform? Well it was Farris, which should ring a bell, despite the need to substitute a vowel. Captain Carrie Farris is far too close to Carol Ferris, the famed love interest of the Green Lantern, to not be an allusion to the combat fighting ace.

Is this perhaps the first cross-over character? That would likely mean Ryan Reynolds is done as the Lantern, though that’s widely assumed anyway. But if they change Carol, then they’re probably not looking for any continuity. Or it could just be something small for fans to pick up on and nothing more. But Snyder did change the way Lois and Clark meet, so I don’t think changing one letter is something he’d consider taboo.

If true, the saddest part is that it means bye-bye Blake Lively, who was undoubtedly the best part of The Green Lantern.

So there you have it, folks, the Man Of Steel Easter Eggs I spotted. Any others that you think may hint at future plans for the DC cinematic universe? Share them in the comments section below.

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  • Daslugg

    Blake lively was the best part of GL??? more like the worst part besides Reynolds. Mark Strongs Sinestros was the only good part.

    • Michael Pugh

      How about we don’t try to find any good parts of that movie, and just all agree that it was complete garbage.

      • Randomcomment

        This interpretation of Sinestro was masterfully.

      • PretenderNx01

        Either way, I don’t think this girl was meant to be Carol Ferris.

        Carol was never in the military, I assume they were just handing out last names to those characters.

        • maximalmaercury

          well … who knows … maybe that part of the story will be changed … maybe that’s why she’s named “carrie” and not “carol” ferris …

          • Keyato14

            damn it was just no action to GL thats all otherwise it wasnt shitt

      • PretenderNx01

        Either way, I don’t think this girl was meant to be Carol Ferris.

        Carol was never in the military, I assume they were just handing out last names to those characters.

  • Chris

    “Sink to the level of a blatant post-credits scene”? Are you seriously implying that you were prescient enough to forsee the ending to Iron Man? That it was so “blatant” that you knew it was coming? You’re seriously saying that one of the most successful scenes in all the Marvel movies was oh, so predictable? That one of the most looked-forward to aspects of those movies is, in your reality, actually a level which can be sunk to? My, don’t you sound so superior?

    • Alex Lowe

      I certainly don’t mean that as a knock to Marvel in anyway. I’m simply saying post-credit scenes are Marvel’s thing, and if Snyder was to do that with Man Of Steel he’d just be copying what Marvel has done. And I respect that fact he didn’t steal that from Marvel

    • Aung San Win

      The guy was saying talking about ‘directly copying’, dude.


    • Aung San Win

      The guy was talking about ‘directly copying’, man. Chill.

  • tertiaryintervention

    Blake Lively sucks and you suck for liking her.

  • Rummy389

    Lol that scene where Clark gets pulled out of the car by some bully. The book he was reading was named “Plato” which is all about Atlantis. Aquaman anyone?

    • Ross Arnold

      Plato is an ancient Greek philosopher

      • Jonathonwarren

        Yes, but Plato is the one who wrote the story of Atlantis.

        • drgeek

          All true, but the text in his hand was the *Republic,* in which Plato’s character Socrates (ironically) suggests an ideal city in which everyone who is born is assigned a *specific role* in life – a worker, warrior, or ruler. Those 3 gigs are specifically referenced in the movie in connection to the Kryptonian eugenics program. That is the most obvious reference of having Plato’s text appear, and not Atlantis, which is told in a different dialogue (The Critias, by the way). . . but who knows?

          • maximalmaercury

            sounds more realistic than the other comments … sry guys ;)

    • Hakim Azrael Chai

      True.. But I read somewhere(ScreenRant maybe), that Plato book was served as a nod to the Kryptonian society.. Etc: Where the Kryptonians are genetically engineered to serve a purpose in their community, be it a soldier or a scientist, or a politician or doctor.. Something Plato envisioned the future would be..

    • http://www.dorklessons.com/ DiggedyDave

      That bully is Whitney Fordman.. a Nod to the Smallvile tv series. Not to mention they were at Sullivan Tractor repair which in itself is another Nod to Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan.

      • Roger Means

        whitney was slo in superman 2 or maybe it was 3 he isnt just a smallville cannon character.

        • David

          The name of the boy in “Man of Steel” was actually Fordham, not Fordman. Also, the guy in Superman 3 was not Whitney Fordman. His name was Brad. Whitney Fordman is a character specifically created for “Smallville”.

          • Roger Means

            Good catch i was wrong lol my bad.

      • Miles

        Of the Smallvile Sears department.

    • The 7th Guest

      Good eye, Rummy. I saw the book but didn’t make the connection.

    • The 7th Guest

      Good eye, Rummy. I saw the book but didn’t make the connection.

    • Raaz

      I think that’s a stretch. That book was just Plato’s works, not the story of Atlantis.

    • SofiaT

      The book wasn’t named Plato. It was Plato’s “The Republic”. Which describes the “perfect” state, a society with a social structure very similar to that of MoS’s Krypton. Where children are picked and seperated in an early age, assigned different future positions and raised accordingly.

      But ” What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?”

      Choosing that book was obviously not an accident, but Aquaman has nothing to do with it.

  • Sa Mule

    the biggest easter egg you missed – it was discussed regarding LexCorp but was really prominent on the side of a fuel tanker!!

    • Steven B

      Did you miss the semi truck with LexCorp on it that dropped Clark off?!

  • Risk

    The diner scene in which the trucker pours his beer over Clark. Did the waitress call the trucker Lobo

    • Lotti

      i was hoping someone caught on to that

    • Michael Pugh

      shit… now i have to re-watch it soon, or else this will drive me nuts not knowing

    • Gausman

      No, Ludlow

    • Nik Davis

      I thought that scene was more of a shout-out to Superman 2, when the guy in the diner beats up Clark after he’s lost his powers.

  • Chad

    I’m very surprised you didn’t mention the code name of the day “Trident” as well as the whales calling in the ocean under the oil rig. That’s the only other character reference I know of. Aquaman.

    • Steven B

      What about the reference to the Guardian??!! He was the hero type of Cadmus

    • Ross Bauer

      I think it was mentioned somewhere, but it might have been nice to have seen a hint of the rig fire being the work of Aquaman, or even the Atlantean villain Trident. The whales were indeed subtle, so much so most probably missed it, if indeed they were meant as easter eggs at all.

  • Ty Doane

    i missed every single reference lol :/ im gonna have to watch it again to see if i can catch any of them

  • Curtis Cap

    when Superman hits the 108 Days without an injury sign and it falls down to only have the 0

  • Furrytr1angle

    thats some shit, to many people have these pre-described ideas on what a character should be. Green Lantern wasnt a bad movie. Compared to the hulk movies that flopped. Ryan Reynolds played a good hal jordan. bunch of whiney bitches

    • JudgeMethos

      Incredible Hulk was awesome and I thought Green Lantern was great as well.

      • Jugs

        Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton was good, but i loved Mark Ruffalo’s portayal much better. Green Lantern was disappointing for me (mostly because it was Van Wilder with a green suit).

        • Andrew

          Green Lantern was a good movie, I do not, like the CGI in it. I hope his suit is fixed in Green Lantern 2. I also hope, that Aquaman recieves his own film.

          • Kris Gokuraku

            There’s only one Aquaman and that’s Vincent Chase.

          • DoctorPotterHolmes

            I think they will definatley be rebooting GL.

      • DoctorPotterHolmes

        I respect your opinion, but personally they were my least favorite :(

    • Lelak

      I didn’t like seeing Reynolds as Green Lantern after I had already seen him as Wade Wilson and that was after seeing him as Hannibal King.

    • Michael Pugh

      …. no. GL was terrible. It was completely forced and goofy. I love Ryan Reynolds in pretty much anything he is in, just because his sense of humor is perfect in nearly all of his roles, while he’s still able to pull off a bad ass… but casting him as GL was an awful fucking choice. Everyone has always agreed that Flash would have been a better fit… but Flash doesn’t need his own film anyway, and even if they used him in a JLA movie (whenever they get that going) then Ryan Reynolds wouldn’t be a good choice in that situation either… simply because Ryan isn’t someone you give a small supporting role to in such a huge movie, so in other words, DC should have left Reynolds out in my opinion. Although with all of this said… it’s not to say that Ryan Reynolds was THE reason the movie failed so hard… because with a better script, director, bigger budget for CGI, and such, then GL may have been fairly good. Still would have to re-boot the character for a JLA film anyway. No way would they allow GL to be the anchor point for DC to start that process.

      • salo

        It is sad that they already shoot the film and we wil have to wait maybe one more genaration to see another GL. The saddest part in my opinion is that I do not see anybody catching up to level of the role played by Christian Bale in Batman. I think the Batman trilogy along with IrionMan has been the best superheroes movvies int he big sreen so far in these past few years.

        • Randomcomment

          Ironman 3 wasn’t a good movie at all and I can point out why

          • Glaciusx

            Why didn’t you think it was good?

          • Randomcomment

            Well….SPOILERS! !!!!!!! for starters the movie seemed like it didnt agree on being one way or another…let me explain. We start Uber serious with the suits being blown, tony does a monologue and we have the mandaring executing people like the jihad al qaeda stuff…we then have some flash backs and then some semi funny moments. Extremis is introduced…so far so good. Then we get the house blown!!!! Ok ok wtheck? Shouldnt this be in the middle or almost end of the movie???? Very dramatic and serious stuff…after this we have tony walking in the middle of nowhere with this kid..suuuuper random and unnecessary. …the bad guys? Oh…Gloooowing people! For gosh sakes! Wht happened here? Is this serious like tom clancy or comic booish fanatasy??? It didnt fit at all!!! Then tony acts like macguiver of sorts…whatever. finally we are suprised by the main villain who is supposed to be iron mans greatest nemesis be an random actor…Wtf??? Ruined completely. I guess they were going the more serious realistic route? Wrong!!! We get glowing people tht melt stuff and the main bad guy? Killian? Glows, melts stuff and fire comes out of his mouth……….a moment of silence please………….jesus what is this? Then we have rhodey not do much really and the most fun and exciting sequence of the air plane iron man rescue is made on remote control…whatever comedic effect I guess but seriously takes out the importance of tony being iron man himself. Ill jump to the end when suddenly an army of iron man beat the bad guys…the glowing ones and thts done by jarvis…cool I guess but in the end pepper gets glowing powers too and kills the bad guy……. I mean if your a little kid or are not invested in iron man or superheroes or whtever…you can enjoy this and anything, but aside from that? Only if you dont care or got fooled by the forced jokes. It was a wtf?? Wtf was this. Let me know your thoughts

          • James Carter

            I thought the movie was fantastic.

          • salo

            Maybe Iron Man 3 was a a Little too much, the first Iron Man, was really good.

          • DoctorPotterHolmes

            Yeah, but anything that was random or didnt make sense I made a reasonable and likely explanation for myself….

          • Randomcomment

            Really? No doubt yo saw on a theather full of people who laughed a lot because thata the only way this could have been remotelly enjoyable or fun, but not ever fantastic. Let me know what was so fantastic about it that I could not see there aside from the plane rescue scene.

          • maximalmaercury

            yeah … from an economic viewpoint that movie was great … but for the story … no …
            i was the same … just at the end a huge WTF ?!
            this guy is fighting with that shrapnels in his body for more than i would say 2 years ? … and in the end … okey … let’s go to the doctor and let him put that shit out of me … WHY ??? i didn’t get that at all …

          • Jon Snow

            The Movie was great, extremis was done perfectly and the glowing people added a bit of superpowers in the marvel world instead of ordinary people becoming super heroes, with items. Although i do agree with you on the mandarin, that sucked :(

          • Randomcomment

            The movie was bad, extremis sounded interesting and sci fi in a tom clancy setting and the glowing minions of Killian were pure shit in a tonically inconsistent movie that also wasnt honestly funny at all…it wanted to be super dramatic and serious at the beginning and then decended down into a sy fy b movie with better special effects. Ordinary people into superheroes? Where bad guys!! In fact not even that…they were people we should have felt sorry for (cause of previous injuries) and ended up glowing and melting things with their crappy odd glowy touch. It was an odd and tonically inconsistent movie. It wasnt clear it wanted to be taken like a almost political or scI fi thriller or a power rangers episode…ugh…it ended up being a joke of a movie better apreciated by those that dont give a fk about good movies and for kids. Oh…and mandarin was a joke too..to bad it wasnt really that funny
            ..just a dissapointment

          • DoctorPotterHolmes

            in YOUR opinion….

          • Sean

            I do agree, the movie as a whole sucked (refer to my earlier comment), but Extremis was the one cool part about the movie. One of my all time favorite Iron Man story arcs involved the Extremis drug an Tony’s conflict with it. It was cool because it was a villain in the form of a substance rather than a conventional evil character. You should check out the Extremis story arc, it’s actually really interesting.

          • Randomcomment

            Too bad tony didnt have almost nothing to do with Extremis…it was just a side thing that made people glow and melt stuff :/ I dont think it comes close to the original idea

          • DoctorPotterHolmes

            Look, I agree with both of you, but in MY OPINION it was an overall FANTASTIC movie…..I am ready for the dislikes…

          • Theorist

            WHAT IF… The Mandarin tricked everyone into thinking he was just an actor, so that if he failed, he could dump the blame on Killian? AND IT WORKED. Also, Tony was visibly losing his mind through the movie. What if it was because the Mandarin, with the ten rings, was making him lose it? AND IT WORKED. Tony’s bridge to sanity was being broken down, little by little. Every time you say Avengers, or aliens, or New York, or Pepper’s safety, boom. When he saw Pepper die, that was the last straw. He lost it, and died at Killian’s hands. But instead, he saw what he wanted to see in his last seconds. Pepper’s okay, Killian is killed, Happy recovers, everything is better. But that’s not what was really happening.

          • Randomcomment

            Too bad they didnt go with your idea…it would have been a mind f*ck though…maybe too incenption like?

          • Sean

            The first 2 were great for one reason: Jon Favreau. He knows the comics in and out, and had the balance of humor and action that the casual filmgoer can enjoy and comic references that service the dedicated fans down to a science. The pinhead who directed 3 was all about making an intellectual badguy that makes people think, which in turn destroyed the villain true fans had waited 6 years to see. I also agree with the above comment that it couldn’t really make up its mind as to whether it was gonna be lighthearted and humorous like the first two or serious and gritty like Nolan’s Batman. Either way would have made for a great movie, but the way they went back and forth between the two made for an inconsistent tone that ruined the movie.

          • Randomcomment

            Absolutely agree with you. I saw it and reeeaaally wanted to like it but I ended up feeling it was so odd :/ and im not even mentioning anything mandarin related. The movie didnt live up to the first two and iron man 2 was supposedly rushed by executives and such and without things thought out through…and even then…favreau managed to give us a funny sci fi and emotionally touching story of iron man even if they had to improvise a lot of it…either iron man 2 was a better movie than the third

          • Diremag

            I agree that the second half of the movie was a disaster, but a few things to point out:
            1. Though stupid how the Mandarin everyone knew was just an actor, the ‘real’ Mandarin is Killian, which makes sense. About this now, it’s stupid how they ditched the ‘rings of Mandarin’ idea and threw in a few of the rings together instead. Kind of killed a lot of the possible story lines that Marvel Comic fans are waiting to see. Also, Mandarin is supposed to be Dr. Strange’s ‘human’/non-mystical rival. Without the rings, Mandarin is pathetic, as shown in Iron Man 3.
            2. This is Tony fuckin’ Stark, not Batman(sorry to DC and Bruce Wayne fans). Billionaire, GENIUS, philanthropist, play-boy, etc. On-the-spot strokes of genius is his specialty, which is why in some Avengers comics, he’s made the leader instead of Cap.
            I agree that the movie didn’t really make much sense, and that it killed the ‘serious’ mood, but it wasn’t ‘too’ bad, especially not action-wise. I just wished they didn’t have to rush the Iron Man story lines so much – kind of like what they did with Superman at the end of Man of Steel.

          • Shaun Somerville

            They made Tony to be more human, vulnerable, etc in 3. Made him grow up a bit, put some childishness aside, lose some obsession. Clear his head. So yea, it was random as hell. But there was purpose. A method to all the madness and confusion.

      • Ronnie James Dio

        I disagree. There are some great flash stories in the comics, and dc didnt really shelter him the way they did other heros. Lots of heartbreak for the fastest man alive

  • Tyrell Antonio

    The Brainiac symbol was underneath the “World engine”, you’ll see it when Superman destroys it.

  • Lotti

    Did anyone catch when STAR labs was mentioned… that might be a reference to Cyborg

    • Superman fanatic

      Yes David goyer told MTV that STAR labs was a direct reference to cyborg

  • Drew

    I don’t think seeing Wayne enterprise and Lexcorp is an Easter egg but as something to reinforce it’s the DC universe. Most of these “easter eggs” was digging very deep for something that might not be there, sometimes yellow drapes are just fucking yellow drapes.

  • DJRickyV

    Cool, I’ll keep an eye out for these when I finally see the movie.
    Fun fact: both of Superman’s dads in MoS played Robin Hood lol.

    • maximalmaercury

      that was already on 9gag :’D lol

  • Mr. J

    probably i’m just looking too much into things, but that whole scene where kal and lois get inside zod’s ship and then kal starts feeling weak due to the ship having krypton’s atmosphere set as default, and later jor el’s hologram reverse it to earth’s atmosphere, reminded me to the original superman films, where superman does a similar stunt in the fortress of solitude, using a device that apparently was stripping supes from his powers but in reality it was stripping zod, ursa and non from theirs.

    • Michael Pugh

      you’re not looking too much into anything… that’s exactly what it was. I mean… not that it was a nod to the original films.. but rather that it’s something krptonians would do in that situation.

  • Gary W Muthig Jr

    there were also references to the show Smallville, “The Fordman Boy” is a Reference to Whitney the Football player/ Marine Lana dated, Also Sullivans may be a reference to Chloe, those are 2 i saw mentioned on another site but I also saw for my self several actors who had appeared on smallville. Zods doctor minion played Lexs clone in s10, but alot of people saw that online before hand thinking he may have been playing Lex, they also had Tahmoh Penikett who played Wes Keenan in s6 and Vince Davis in S3, the at the army base in the monitor room who had a couple line and was blond is David Paetkau who played Dan Turpin in s8, and the guy on cpu i think in the ancient ship/ fortess scene was… who played Dr. Hamilton in s8-10… there may have been 1 or 2 more but I can’t remember right now its almost 2am and I trying to picture the dialogue scenes again, i noticed as I was going through but I was so caught up in everything else I think I need to see it again to watch more closely for that other easter eggs more closly, which I probably will go again when my mom comes back from a trip and maybe go with a friend from work on imax cause when i went with my dad today it was sold out and then went into the reg 3d one. I thought it was great I only had a couple nitpicks but I would give it a A- and alot of it will be probably be resolved by just having the time to show that side of the story in the sequel and jl

  • TimothyB24

    When Perry tells Lois something about “aliens that walk among humans” could be a nod to Martian Manhunter.

    • Michael Pugh

      or could mostly be that Clark is an alien… walking among humans.. lol

  • Kirk Mailloux

    I hate Booster Gold

    • Mike

      He’s kind of a marmite character, you either love him or hate him. In 52, he plays an integral role in the story, and actually made me push aside some favourite DC characters to make room for a new one, alongside Renee Montoya. Either way, I can not read 52 enough, fantastic series.

  • Caleb Thompson

    That Supergirl “Easter” is dumb and unlikely. That UN-MANNED pod had been there for 20000+ years, and my guess is that open pod is where the lone robot came from. So that’s 1 down for ya.

  • Caleb Thompson

    That Supergirl “Easter” is dumb and unlikely. That UN-MANNED pod had been there for 20000+ years, and my guess is that open pod is where the lone robot came from. So that’s 1 down for ya.

  • Caleb Thompson

    That Supergirl “Easter” is dumb and unlikely. That UN-MANNED pod had been there for 20000+ years, and my guess is that open pod is where the lone robot came from. So that’s 1 down for ya.

    • dmixwell

      well it’s confirmed , read the Man of steel prequel comic

    • Michael Pugh

      it’s not to say that somehow, whoever was in that pod, was in some sort of stasis up until a certain point in time before Clark arrived… also why would the pod contain that lone robot? why would a floating AI security type robot need a pod? So I wouldn’t call that “1 down”

    • Jonny G

      nah your dumb, read up next time. There is an official
      prequel comic

    • Jonny G

      nah your dumb, read up next time. There is an official
      prequel comic

  • Quantummechanic720
  • Quantummechanic720

    Check out my, “Man Of Steel Rzeview” and much more – http://thepeoplesmic.blogspot.com/2013/04/2013-summer-geek-movie-preview-and.html

  • The 7th Guest

    Funny how the LexCorp fuel truck wasn’t mentioned.

  • Adolphus Nolan

    Don’t forget “Lana Lang” for your egg hunt. While a stunned “Pete” and his mother visited the Clarks she was mentioned. She’ll be comin’ ’round the mountain soon. Maybe not in the next installment but definitely before the trilogy ends.

    • mhuls01

      Regarding “Pete”, anyone familiar with the classic Superboy stories knows that in high school Pete Ross was Clark’s best friend and, unknown to Clark, the only person, besides ma and pa Kent, who knew that Clark was Superboy, a fact that comes in handy in later life when Clark and Superman need to be seen at the same time.

  • Gausman

    So, nobody saw the huge Lexcorp sign in the buildind under construction where Zod and Superman fought? And the Utopia Casino?

    • PretenderNx01

      A Lexcorp semi drives off when Clark returns to the Kent farm as an adult too. Lex presence in Smallville KS.

  • Sherlocked

    For me killing off Russell Crowe in this film the same way he was killed in Gladiator was hard to take.

  • Sherlocked

    My only gripe with this film was the scene with the alien craft in the ice and how it came to be there for thousands of years? Wasn’t really an explanation, unless I missed something. Also didn’t like how easy it was for Lois Lane to get up the ice flows without any safety equipment only hanging on to her camera. Definitely would not have been that easy in real life.

  • Sherlocked

    My only gripe with this film was the scene with the alien craft in the ice and how it came to be there for thousands of years? Wasn’t really an explanation, unless I missed something. Also didn’t like how easy it was for Lois Lane to get up the ice flows without any safety equipment only hanging on to her camera. Definitely would not have been that easy in real life.

    • Bob

      You did miss something. Jor-El explained that, thousands of years ago, Krypton sent out a number of manned spacecraft in search of other planets to colonize, but when they lost contact with several of the ships, they gave up on those plans. The arctic craft was one of those ships. How it was destroyed remains a mystery.

    • DoctorPotterHolmes

      If you have seen the original movies, Lois will do anything for a story, its her life. :)

  • Robin

    I disagree with the notion that Wonder Woman has a complicated backstory.

    Pre-New 52 – The Queen of the Amazons longed for a child so she fashioned a baby girl out of clay and it was given life by the Olympian pantheon.

    Post-New 52 – The Queen of the Amazons had an affair with the leader of the Olympians, Zues, and a child came from that union.

    Seems pretty simple to me.

    • Cee

      Suspension of disbelief. Avengers was an excellent popcorn movie. Loved it! However, the characters are–on paper–utterly ridiculous: a green “monster,” a person from the past, a God with a hammer etc. None of these exist logically in the semi-real world that Tony Stark exists in. However, Joss Whedon, and the prior movie backstories, somehow made these disparate realities work and coexist. The Avengers should have been horrible! But they made it work with such little touches as Stark having a breakdown because he had to accept the reality (ridiculousness) of proof that we are not alone in the universe. By humanizing these characters in their own movie, the transition to placing them all together was not as jarring, shocking or abrupt as it would have otherwise been. So should they humanize Wonder Woman in the same way that they handled the ridiculousness of Thor’s background, I think Justice League will prove to be another train-wreck waiting to happen that is thankfully avoided. For purely selfish reasons, I hope they pull it off!

  • Boston Sports Fanatic

    This is classic ! You guy’s and your well intended and mostly very good comments are the reason these a-holes take such liberties to the films they depict through film. Personally I would have been ok with the whole MOS starting at Superman’s death and rebirth with more explanation to come in the sequels and would of set the scene for a prequel or maybe even 2-3 more prequels. This would have left the door open for so many options for the DC franchise and the introduction of many DC characters. They could have even been ballsy if they used one of the prequels or sequels to introduce either a long forgotten DC character or used the opportunity to LAUNCH a new DC character. Could have been a real blockbuster mega hit and reinvigorated a whole industry again with more fans than ever. A justice league. legion of doom. the possibilities would have been endless. they missed the boat on this one. The rest of this MOS will certainly have it’s opportunities and may deliver but mainly it will be more Easter eggs. Vague references and ultimately a generation or two from now may finally get it right.
    shame they could of had the best launch of any franchise to date. It could have been epic.

    • JoseCuervo

      so a movie that has made almost 600 million worldwide and still counting is not a real blockbuster? oh my

  • Jeff Ottinger

    I noticed that they used the sound from the original black and white Superman tv show of Superman flying for part of his initial “learning to fly” moment.

  • Pestilinz

    The reason why Lex probably wasn’t in the film was because Superman hadn’t yet been placed as a villian in his mind. Lex thinks of himself the hero ridding the villian Superman from the earth by whatever means needed. Chances are, because of the Zod entrance in this new film, Lex will blame Superman for bringing the destruction down upon the earth and thus bring together the nemesis relationship that is Lex Vs Superman.

  • Joshua

    I love all you fucking wannabe hipsters hating on things because they were/are popular with a large audience. Pro tip: Get a personality.

  • Rob

    Actually, Mark Strong’s Sinestro was the best part of Green Lantern.

  • SitizenKane

    Lexcorp Trucks toppled during Metropolis fight. Wayne Enterprises on the satellite Superman broke at the end. Before Superman 2, I want to see a Flash movie, a better GL movie, and MAYBE a superman/batman crossover.

  • Drágazon

    I remember that somewhere in the movie a petrol tanker gets blown up. I think it had LexCorp on the side. I might be wrong

  • Alex Courville

    its a lot of sense cause kara zor el is supose to be the kal el sister but in the movie is not ? and why her name is kara ZOR EL if superman do not have sister or brother in the movie man of steel. its problably cause they didnt talk about the fact then they have another kidd more older then kalel

  • Aaron Conaway

    I saw the LexCorp mentions twice, Lex Luthor is an awesome character, whoever plays him, has to do it right, easy to foul up if you don’t have the moxy.

  • Aaron Conaway

    First time I saw her in the movie, when Zod’s chick is walking up to the tank armada when S-man surrenders and they wanted Lois too, Carol, I thought she was a kid in camos standing there. Was that on purpose? She was like 4’0″. O_o

  • Wepz

    I think the Easter eggs were too vague. I liked how marvel was a bit more obvious Bout it. Some of these Easter eggs, you need a laptop or slow it down, and even then it’s probably not anything. In the marvel movies even the average fan noticed or was tapped on the shoulder by their friend who saw it.

    Caps shield in ironman, the New Mexico reference, “the avengers initiative”, etc

    I liked Wayne enterprises, or lex corp,

  • Sully

    Considering Superman ages pretty normally, and that Kryptonian ship crash landed 18,000 years ago, I’m going to make a guess that Supergirl wasn’t inside.

    • StarshipCaptain

      The problem with what you’re saying is that you’re ASSUMING the pod immediately opened 18,000 years ago when the ship first crashed.
      But who’s to say it opened then VERSUS it remained closed for all
      that time and only opened just last week?

      In other words, the Pod kept whoever was inside (which is clearly Supergirl) in perfect stasis…and only once the arrival of Superman or Zod was detected (as fellow Kryptonians) did the pod get triggered and finally open.

      • JoseCuervo

        Starship has a point .. there is a Supergirl continuity where Supergirl arrives later because she is in space an extra 20 years or so ( I know 18k years is a big stretch) but the pod keeps her young because she is in stasis, the Pod also feeds her with a lot of information so when she finally gets out of it ,she knows a lot about a lot of things.

        • Cee

          The Podster could be anyone, if anyone. But I don’t care about that. All I care about is the Codex! Woo hoo! I think a lot of people missed the potential of it. (At least I haven’t read anyone mention it yet.) But the Codex dictated the genetic code of millions of Kryptonians as yet unborn. Supe’s father injected that into Clark! Am I missing something here, or doesn’t that make him a walking Kryptonian test tube? But my point is, I don’t think we need a Pod for Supergirl or endless other possibilities. I think we already have the Bod from where she might spring. Remember, in the Man of Steel universe, things change. So I can see even Lex Luther stealing some of his genetic material for some nefarious reason, creating a rogue Supergirl, or perhaps she transforms into Supergirl–perhaps after it backfires on Lex and she finds her path towards good. You get the idea.

      • Peter James

        The only problem with that theory is that Kara would then not be Clark’s cousin, but rather his ancestor, at best.

      • MitchAll2gether

        Thats what I was kinda thinking. But another idea might be that when that flying Guardian thing that whips Kal-el when he first enters the ship gathers his DNA from skin or what have you and quickly creates a Superboy clone? That could be cool…

  • LEGO Damashii

    Here’s one more: a nod to the Richard Donner film. When Kal is getting the PowerPoint presentation of his backstory using the silver pinboard technology, the craft that brought him to Earth is stylized as a ball with many spikes coming out of it. This is the same as the craft from Superman: The Movie.

  • zepton

    There is also the scene when a large truck drops off Clark (when he comes home and tells his mom he found his parents). The truck he was riding in says “LexCorp”

  • anon23456

    It can’t be supergirl. wasn’t that ship in the ice for thousands of years?

    • JagNative

      light speed travel can be tricky that way.

      • Peter James

        You mean ‘Time dilation’, which only occurs (observably) when one travels really fast (as in, close to, but not faster than the speed of light).

        FTL (or Faster than Light Travel) which is what you’re alluding to and what the older Kryptonian ships might have used is not subject to Time Dilation.
        Furthermore, Zod’s ship (or Kal-el’s pod) didn’t actually use FTL to get to Earth, but rather, a form of worm-hole/space-folding/hyperspace travel, which would be the fastest way to get across the Universe and would also be immune to Time dilation seeing as it’s as close as one can get to instantaneous travel almost at the level teleportation.

        Besides which, they implied in the movie that the ship had been under the ice for at least, or around 20,000 years.

        The significance of that number is that it’s too low for the effects of time dilation for a ship traveling at close to light speed (like say 0.9c or 90% the speed of Light) coming from essentially the other end of the known universe.
        And it’s a pointless figure for both FTL and the Phantom Engine worm hole generator travel ….unless, the suggestion is that the ship did arrive 20,000 years ago through FTL and that Kara was trapped under there all that time but sustained by the life-pod she was in (which I would assume would be cryostasis) for all that time (since, it’s doubtful that Kryptonians have lifespans of tens of thousands of years old.

        But that would make it impossible for her to be Clark’s cousin as she is in the comics and instead more likely that she would be his ancestor (and she would have to be since all Kryptionians prior to Clark, but before the ships left Krypton, were effectively grown, rather than born naturally)

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Booster Gold would be a great movie actually. In a perfect world we’d get something really different like Martian Manhunter or ambitious like Aquaman.

  • Nikki Lukes Reikishi Decierdo

    Lana Lang was in the movie although it was her younger version that appeared on it.. she was in the school bus that Clark saved and she’s the girl who looked at Clark

    • MitchAll2gether

      Yea, but that was supes first sorta girlfriend he had in Middle School. I wouldn’t call that an easter egg.

  • StarshipCaptain

    >> …despite the need to substitute a vowel. Captain Carrie Farris is far too close to Carol Ferris, the famed love interest of the Green Lantern, to not be an allusion to the combat fighting ace.

    That’s REALLY a reach. If she was meant to be directly related to Carol Ferris, I’m sure they would have gotten the spelling right. So, I’d just chalk this one up to one of those funny odd things that sometimes happens in the making of a major movie that involved a ka-zillion people, that was purely a coincidence and where afterward you slap your head in a Homer Simpson DOH-like way and say “Didn’t notice that!”

    >>The saddest part is that it means bye-bye Blake Lively, who was undoubtedly the best part of The Green Lantern.

    LOL — I sure hope you’re saying that sarcastically, otherwise you’ve lost all credibility. Lively was totally miscast… she was a wooden plank on screen…
    and was pretty much universally cited in both professional reviews — and pointed out by the fans — as being one of the WORST things about the movie.

    • Alex Lowe

      I feel like I should’ve been clearer on the Blake Lively thing. I’ve chalked Lantern up as a terrible movie, but if it’s going to be bad it’s at least bearable due to the eye candy that is Lively.

      • Cee

        Please don’t clarify your responses for StarShipCaptain. HE’S the idiot that’s reaching–NOT you. OF COURSE THEY’D CHANGE A FEW LETTERS. In Man of Steel, Superman kills. CHANGE! (Over-Attached fans overreacted, but I loved this change.) And just as you pointed out, Supe and Lois meet differently. CHANGE! Perry White is…well, not. CHANGE! And the Jimmy Olsen who works at the Daily Planet? Jenny Olsen. CHANGE! So, yes, Carrie Ferris Carol Farris both being female military personnel in the same comic book universe? CHANGE! Uhm, that’s SOOOO not reaching. You already noted that perhaps it’s SOLELY just a tip of the hat; but it’s FAR from coincidental, and as intentional as all of the other references you noted in your article. We can’t know what foreshadowing her name means for future movies; but without question, the non-accidental mentioning is either a playful indirect or purposeful direct reference to Lantern, but CERTAINLY a reference nonetheless. How irritating it must be to have to deal with endless millions of idiotic random strangers on the Internet responding to your one. I hope they pay you well!

  • Matt Hannam

    Something I noticed when Supes was under the beam of the world engine machine and it was terraforming the earth… there are frames in this scene where Christopher Reeve’s face is superimposed every now and again on Henry’s Face during the closeup when he is on the ground… it’s really freaky now that I know it’s there but never noticed it before!

  • Sean Martin

    Did anyone else catch the fact that they called the girl on the bus “Lana”?

  • Jeff Barber

    UNCONFIRMED – Ive heard that there is a moment under the world engine that Henry Cavills face changes to Christopher reeves momentarily with some CGI wizardry.

  • Brainlock

    the soldier who first says the S-word? (“That’s what they’re calling him on the net.” I think the line is?) He’s played by the same guy who played newly arrived toddler Kal-El in 1977.

  • http://www.gpxgaming.net/ Emanuel Camacho

    Great read…but sorry bud…Mark Strong was the best part of Green Lantern. Geoffrey Rush was excellent (voice only, but who cares).

  • Scotteh

    Someone pointed out awhile ago that the building where Zod discards his armour near the end had a big Lexcorp banner on it, and that armour, painted purple and green, would look a lot like what Luther tends to wear when confronting the Man of Steel in the comics & animated series.

  • jb

    I just want to say this…Ryan Reynolds was a damn good Hal Jordon. I said for years before the movie came out how perfect he’d be for the role, even before he got buff. I’d sooner say that Man of Steel was a train wreck than say Green Lantern was. I thought Green Lantern was somewhat poorly directed, but the cast was great and I can’t wait for GL2. I feel like people wanted John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan, but that’s just stupid. John Stewart is smart, that makes him the worst Green Lantern character. “I have unlimited power and I can do anything just by my will and thoughts alone!…” Now here’s where it changes between characters..
    John Stewart : “Okay, well as an architect, I know this should be this way, and this should be that way.”

  • heylook

    Did I misread or did this article state that Blake Lively was the best thing about Green Lantern? If you’re forcing me to say something GL was, in any way, good, I’d have to say it was the perf by Mark Strong.

    But we all know that the greatest thing about Green Lantern was when it finally ended.

  • Imad
  • RandyG

    There was also a scene were Superman during the final battle falls on a truck that says LuthorCorp. I know LuthorCorp. Was previously explained but I’m showing you another easter egg

  • ClaraTheGalvatron

    Green Lantern was good.

  • Batfan

    Didn’t read all the comments, so it might be said, but the oil tanker that was thrown a Zod was owned by LexCorp. Movie makers don’t put much in unintentionally, so there is definitely a crossover in the works. Mostly reported as a Batman vs. Superman, followed by Justice League. Don’t forget, Sinestro put on a yellow ring @ the end of GL.

  • Spencer

    How about the fact that lex Luthor always has that big futuristic amour oddly familiar to zods kryptonian amour, the very same amour he took of and dropped inside that big skyscraper labelled LexCorp.

    • movie_fan_13

      Oh yeah and if Lex got his hands on it along with all the other tech left behind, also I have only seen the film once but didn’t they say there were other ships hidden on earth or am I confusing it with the mention of the Krypton outposts?

  • Dr.Manhattan

    During Superman’s fight against general zod, superman throws a truck at him which clearly says ‘Lexcorp’ on it, it is shown a lot clearer than the building logo, I don’t know why you guys haven’t spotted it :D For sure Lex Luther is introduced next superman. Maybe he has something to do with superman turning against batman?

  • RageMojo

    Booster Gold will likely be either a narrator like in the DC game, or introduce the ability to have alternate timelines.

  • JUStAnotherGUEST

    The empty pod does not hint at Supergirl, then she would be thousands of years old. If there’s gonna be Supergirl, it should go like this… When Superman in need of help, he should go into the Phantom Zone and convert Faora to the side of good and thus become Supergirl. That is the only way Supe girl will exist. Any ideas anyone?,,,, But then scattered Kryptonian scouts all over the galaxies could still be survivors.

  • Paul David Graham

    That empty seat in the ship? If it was Supergirl, she’d be Supergrandma many thousands of years old. Where has she been all this time?

  • dr.

    If you look closely, you can see some sort of a symbol on the chest of Supermans costume.

  • GeneralSoreness

    Clark was dropped off by a Lex Corp truck when he came home after finding his origin