Beefing Up: 10 Actors Who Underwent Remarkable Physical Transformations For Their Roles


Russell Crowe For Body Of Lies

In Body Of Lies, Russell Crowe was a far, far cry from his toned Gladiator body, packing on 63 pounds to play a CIA agent who is well past his physical prime. The actor went up to 257 pounds to portray the image of a character that rarely did anything more active than sitting down. Crowe himself got to the point where he had trouble getting out of his car due to the weight gain.

With a diet that consisted of lots of cupcakes and cheeseburgers for breakfast, Crowe actually enjoyed his transformation, though his body wasn’t as supportive, considering his cholesterol levels were dangerously high. Luckily for him, and for moviegoers, Crowe was able to shed the weight and not have any major lasting damage. However, he did have trouble losing the bulk, with it taking him nearly two years to get back down to his previous weight.

Two years for one role? I’d call that dedication.