Fictional Science: 100 Glaring Logical Issues With Prometheus


Part 9 – The Anti-Finale (1:48:30 – 1:58:00)

92. Why is there is a giant axe, curved and spiked on the ends like a horror movie weapon, on the lifeboat right when Shaw needs it? It can’t be to break down doors, because the doors on the ship aren’t wooden.

93. How did the alien baby grow many times its original size in just a few short hours? There is no food or energy source in the room for it, which means this is a total betrayal of the Law of Conservation of Mass.

94. How does David know the Engineer is coming for Shaw at the exact moment he comes for Shaw? For that matter, how does David know where Shaw has gone? How can David even still communicate after being decapitated?

95. How did the Engineer even survive the ship exploding and crashing?

96. How could David operate the alien ships? What base of knowledge does he have to be able to operate massive alien vessels? All he’s done is see and interact with them for a day or two, so how does that makes up both for his gap in knowledge and the lack of a crew? He doesn’t even have a body at this point.

97. David says he knows where the Engineers came from, and can take Shaw there. How does he know this? What knowledge would or could he have amassed in the course of the film to answer a massive celestial question like that?

98. “They created us. Then they tried to kill us. They changed their minds.” There is slight evidence for one of those statements, but none for some of them, and not enough to strongly support any of them. All she knows for sure is that the Engineer did not like the Prometheus crew, the Prometheus crew was incredibly stupid and got themselves killed, and that the Engineer has a ship to go….somewhere. Could have been Earth, could have been the Restaurant at the end of the Universe. Who the hell knows?

99. Who is Shaw making her final log to? How is she making this log? How is she transmitting? Who is she transmitting to? Why is she doing it? Good lord, none of this makes sense anymore…

100. Why does Shaw use the phrase “Year of Our Lord” at the end, when she now firmly believes aliens created humanity, thus rendering Jesus, Christianity, and all other earthly religions null and void? 

Oh yeah. Because she’s an idiot, and this movie is stupid.

Excuse me while I go bang my head against a wall.

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